Under Eye Dark Circles: Causes, Treatment, Remedies

Dark Circle Remedy

Under Eye Bags

Causes, Treatment and Remedy for Dark Circles beneath the Eye

Under eye problems appear in many forms – black or dark circles, eyelid bags, and disorders pertaining to tear furrow. All these make it distressful for a person and call for serious action with expert involvement. Anybody with those dark circles seen under eyes is quite displays a diseased and panicked look and reasons behind the shaded under eye portion can be wide ranging. If you or some of your close acquaintance got black / dark circles under or around eyes, it should be wise to probe the prime reasons behind them:

  • When fat over the orbital rim shifts, it becomes one of the commonest causes for the shaded effect around eyes. The shaded or darkened effect is an outcome of void generated due to which the portion appears dark shaded.
  • Few allergies can be behind such dark circles. Experts point out vascularity, skin thickness and ethnic pigmentation as some leading reasons here. Among all the skin on our body, eyelid posses the flimsiest and that is the reason it may make the underlying blood vessels and darker muscles to show up.

Knowing the Anatomy to study Tear Trough Deformity and Under Eye Bags

To relate this anatomy, experts use the example of mountains and valleys. They say that due to aging, the fat prevailing in youth years, encircling the eyes as a protective shell, is shifted thereby generating a vacuum, just as we see in a basin or valley, and prompts tear trough deformity. On the other hand, the ‘mountain’ formed close to the valley appears in the form of eyelid bags.

Now tagging the under eye trough as the valley and eye bags as the mountain, medical specialists say that when eyelid bags get puffy and explicit, portion below eyelids appears dark or shadowy.

Tear trough Deformity

Under Eye Anatomy of Bags & Tear Trough Deformity

  • Skin pigmentation occurs because of the bruises caused due to blood products. This could be a prolonged situation and requires treatment. In addition, Melanocytes is referred to as the pigmented cells which can lead to blackening around eyes and this shade gets more highlighted when the person is exposed to sunlight for a long time.

Apart from the bruising, few other causes like heredity, dietary habits and individual lifestyle too can be the cause behind under eye dark circles. As remedial action, experts advocate appropriate sleep, healthy and nutritious diet, and upkeep of skin to ward off chances of dark circles even before they appear.

Eye Bags

Eye Bags (Mountain) & Under Eye Trough (Valley)

How to Eliminate Dark Circles

There are various approaches to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. If you got them, you may use the one that best suits you:

  • When the darkness under or around eyes is mild, you may use concealer. Use it when making up and the dark circles will no more show up. Moreover, this method is low-priced and non-invasive.
  • Pigmentation can be controlled using skin lightening creams. You may get any one, maybe Kojic acid or Hydroquinone as a influential way to combat dark under eye circles. These creams won’t entirely eliminate the circles however they will bring about a noteworthy change. A word of caution here is that any cream should be used after expert consultation only, or the effect may be reserved.
Dark Circle

Black Star Shows hypertrophic under eye eyelid muscle (Mountain) & White arrow shows deep tear trough deformity

  • Tear trough area can be best treated through dermal fillers which are injected in the affected region. These fillers are mostly Hyaluronic acid comprising Juvederm, Restylane, Esthelis, etc. Phototherapy is another beneficial cosmetic procedure which comprises a mix of one of the laser treatments like Q Switched Nd: YAG laser or Medlite and vivid pulsed light.

However, these must be done by cosmetic experts only.

Under Eye Fillers

Under Eye Filler Injections

  • At the clinic of a renowned cosmetician and plastic surgery expert like Dr. Debraj Shome, one may get Blepharoplasty done to reposition lower eyelid fat muscles and remove the bag. In few cases, the doctor may remove fat from the bulgy portion while in others, skin underneath eyelashes may be taken out.

When getting treated by an expert, you can rest assure that the under eye sagging and dark circles will be eliminated and you will enjoy a youthful face for the rest of your life!

Dark Circle

Under Eye Mountain (Black Star) & Valley (White Arrow)


Reduce Dark Circles

Combination Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment post Botox & Filler Injections


Blepharoplasty Surgery India

Under Eye Bags Post Blepharoplasty Surgery




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