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How Right Diet helps you Enjoy Healthy and Beautiful always!

People often don’t realize that inner health is responsible for healthy hair and the glow or vivacity they see in someone’s hair actually implies good health. Unwell and stressed individuals are naturally inclined to possess fragile hair and display a lot of hair loss. In this perspective, it is important to understand how significant an apt diet is for the health and betterment of hair!

Role of Proteins: Proteins are a vital constituent in terms of healthy hair. Person consuming a lot of nutrients which comprise proteins essential for us enjoy good quality and density of hair on their scalp. High fat diets are an enemy of hair health and hence lead to early hair loss and therefore, experts stress on having a low fat diet which includes legumes, poultry, fish, etc.

However, they don’t stop to mention that excess consumption of protein can result in hair distress as they increase acidity in the body. Consuming proteins more than the desired volume can harm hair and nails as they lessen calcium. In short, when you maintain the necessary protein content in body, you always maintain healthy hair.

Importance of Vitamins: Doctors tag vitamin deficiency as a noteworthy reason behind receding hair line or loss of hair. For the lack of foods rich in vitamins, health of your hair is at risk. Let’s know which vitamins are essential to you from hair’s growth and overall health perspective:

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Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan with Eyelid Bags (Arrow shows eyelid bag)

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Salman Khan Post Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Vitamins: There are minerals and vitamins which help in the development of healthy hair. The opinion of your family doctor is very important to know if your severe hair fall is due to the insufficiency of any vitamins. Being part of a high stress, pressurized lifestyle can sometimes make it is next to impossible to have good food habits. The effect is a shortage of vitamin. And this along with common weakening of health causes hair fall as well. Following are the top vitamins for hair growth:

  • Vegetables and fruits are a great source of Vitamin A and they are a great facility to your hair. Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, etc and fruits like orange or mango amply serve the purpose. In addition, get a regular dose of milk, egg, butter, liver, etc and you are sure to be consuming vitamin in good proportions. Food supplements for the vitamin though are not advisable as per experts.

Leafy vegetables also contain abundant vitamin E and therefore, veggies such as mustard green, parsley, etc do a lot of good in this respect. Nuts, whole grains, avocados are also great for vitamin E adequacy.

Vegetables and fruits which are either orange or yellow contain a lot of beta carotene, and that is a treasure in terms of Vitamin C. Don’t go finding – just include carrots, apricots and cantaloupes in your diet.

  • Yeast is an incredible reservoir of biotin which is understood to be a great source of vitamin B. Those who get it never face hair fall or graying related issues in early age. Doctors particularly point out vitamin B5, B6 and B3 most important for the health of hair.
  • Do you like citrus foods? If yes, you will never be short of vitamin C which is an essential requisite for healthy hair.
  • It is imperative to note here that vitamin C and E are also full with antioxidants.

Watch a video of a celebrity being injected with the QR 678 Hair growth factor injections:

Iron, Minerals and Fatty Acids: Omega 3 fatty acids, existing in halibut, tuna, salmon and other similar sea foods, comprise the necessary fatty acids which ensure hair vitality.

On the other hand, vigor and vibrancy of hair gets ensured also through essential minerals like selenium, zinc, potassium, manganese, sulfur, silica, etc. You get most of these minerals in eggs, chicken and other poultry items.

Iron – Iron deficiency is a general cause of hair fall. This deficit causes sluggish blood circulation to scalp as well as therefore the hair follicles are poor of nutrients necessary for their healthy growth.

You may also use proven health products from listed brands. Using them under consultation of a hair expert, you can enjoy a fabulous hair growth for the lifetime!

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