Best Anti Aging Treatment & Tips

How Anti Aging Treatment & Expert Tips have Changed the world

Advancement in medical science has evidently increased life expectancy. This advancement has incited interest of more and more people in seeking scientific help to live better, healthy and long. Consequently, anti-aging treatments, lotions, creams and procedures have popularized. Statistics show that the anti-aging segment of cosmetic industry is likely to grow by manifolds in the coming years.

However together with the above facts, you may find many unreliable products which are a hazard to health and skin. In view of this, it is important to see what experts advocate and hint with some of the best and most dependable tips which can aptly facilitate your idea:

  • If you are a smoker, better quite the habit as it triggers a lot of skin related risks particularly if you want to delay or deny those frowning lines and wrinkles on the face. First obvious reason is the harm smoke causes to the facial cells which further reduces the amount of organically existing elastin and collagen. Sooner they lessen, faster your face sags and wrinkles appear.

Facial gesture when smoking is so that the eyes squint and lips purse, and that eventually make smoker’s face wrinkled and saggy earlier.

  • Your face always says about your diet; but more explicitly, it says through the wrinkles and saggy lines. A lot of foods rich in nutrients are pro-youthfulness and so are best to be included in your daily diet. On the other hand, those foods which contain free radicals are certain to harm the face’s juvenility because they are said to destroy cells. When you consume a lot of antioxidants, you stabilize the effect of free radicals. This means presence of a lot of Vitamin E, C and beta carotene in your diet can favorably work for you.

Fish lovers can go on consuming salmon, trout and other cold-water fishes while veggies have a better opt in the form of colored veggies.

  • Most people try to prevent their face from UV rays but on the contrary, scientists say that Ultraviolet radiations are a naturally available anti-aging source. The vitamin A stimulated because of UV radiations produces melatonin and assures it in adequate quantity. Scarcity of melatonin may lead to depression.

However, experts one should escape from excessive exposure to UV radiation as it would obliterate elastin and collagen. Proper maintenance of skin in sunlight and consumption of green tea are some advisable resorts here.

  • Sarcopenia is a condition which emerges because of reduction in muscle mass as a consequence of receding motor neurons – the neurons that maintain muscle fibers. The muscle loss caused by Sarcopenia becomes a significant reason for the sagginess and wrinkles on face.

Good news however is that resistance weight training can help a person reverse the influence of Sarcopenia.

  • Saggy and wrinkled faces can be effectively treated with the cosmetic procedure laser resurfacing. In this process, high intensity light is used. However, if you want to eliminate those frowning lines and wrinkles and acquire a childlike skin tone, you got the most novel options in the form of Fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) laser skin resurfacing.
  • In recent times, one of the most reliable and result-oriented anti-aging methods is Botox. Given by injecting in the affected area, Botox is a profound drug for celebrities, movie stars, and many others. Though influential, repeat doses of Botox are required every 3 to 6 months.

Similarly, hyaluronic acid is the chief content in dermal fillers and this too can be injected straightaway where frowning lines and wrinkles are seen.

  • Last but not the least; proven and medically safe anti-aging solutions exist in the form of cosmetic surgery. Specialized treatments like eyelift also known as Blepharoplasty or other types of facelift can completely diminish the aging signs and bring youth back on it.

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