Posted in December 2009

Quick Lunch Time Beauty Tips & Cosmetic Procedures/ Treatments

The way you look is important, not only from the perspective of your self-esteem, but also from the perspective of how you get treated at home and at work. The most beautiful women and the most handsome men in India and the world tend to get the most attention and the most jobs too – This has been proven by research numerous times over. Many of us dont want to undergo beauty cosmetic procedures as we may feel we dont care enough about our looks, or we dont have the money or the time. Think again. Given a choice, would you not want to look younger, fresher, better? Most of these cosmetic procedures/ treatments may cost less than what a meal costs in a restaurant these days and guess what, they are very quick procedures and can be done over your lunch time even. Dr. Debraj Shome, top/ best plastic surgeon in India, blogs about beauty skin care tips and these 5 minute beauty cosmetic procedures/ treatments, which can be done over your lunchtime, are completely safe and have zero down time. These include Botox cosmetic injections, laser skin therapy, fillers, glycolic peels, other chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydrafacial, liquid facelifts, party facial and many more. Look like you did when you were a beautiful girl, without make up, naturally. Blog Post last updated on 2nd August 2013. Continue reading