Beautiful Eyes & The Art of Eye MakeUp

The art of beautiful eyes
Did you know that the majority of people will notice your eyes before they look at anything else? That’s right! That is why eyes are so important for the overall appearance of a person. Beauty often depends on the eyes. Eyes are truly the windows to the soul. This article will describe how one gets beautiful eyes.

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful Eyes

Larger eyes more beautiful?

Do you consider people with larger eyes more beautiful? There are reasons why this is the common perception.

  • Larger eyes are considered to be a sign of higher levels of oestrogen. Other indicators of higher levels of oestrogen are smaller chins, bigger breasts and fuller lips and that is why persons with these features are considered to be more attractive. This means that women who have such features are considered to be ideal mates in the evolutionary field.
  • Bigger eyes are also a neotenous feature. Babies have larger eyes and as they grow older, the size of their bodies increases but not in proportion with the eyes. That is why bigger eyes are taken to be a sign of youth and because youth is considered to be a sign of fertility, men and women with lager eyes score high on the attractiveness scale.
How to Get Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes: How you can get them?

Now since it has been established that bigger eyes are more attractive, achieving it is something a lot of women want to do. Eye makeup has been specially formulated to create the illusion of bigger and more alluring eyes. So how can you achieve it?

  • The shape of the eyebrows is of ultimate importance when it comes to achieving beautiful eyes. If you are in the habit of drawing your eyebrows, it makes sense to do it very carefully because if it goes wrong, it can make you look bad. Proper shaping of eyebrows will impart a naturally beautiful look to your whole face. They are what gives your facial features Over-plucked eyebrows will make you look artificial or older than you are. So make sure that you choose an experienced eyebrow practitioner.
Eye Make Up

Perfect Eyebrow Shape

  • Using eyeliner is a wonderful idea because it lets you highlight the best features of your face: the eyes. Using a thinner brush to apply eyeliner is important to achieve the right results. It is essential that you apply it with a steady hand. If you are using eye shadow, make sure that you use eyeliner over it. Kohl looks very nice too.
Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow Shape

Removing eye makeup

Removing eye makeup properly is your best bet to maintain the natural beauty of your eyes. It is also important that you choose non waterproof eye makeup because these are tough to remove. Using baby oil or a special eye makeup remover to remove your eyeliner, kohl and mascara is a good idea. Avoid using soap because that can lead to wrinkles as you grow older. If you are in the habit of wearing only just a little eye makeup, you can remove it with ease using water and the face wash you use regularly. But if it’s more makeup than that, baby oil should do the trick.

False Eyelashes

How not to apply false eyelashes

Cosmetic surgery for beautiful eyes

People who are not satisfied with the shape of their eyes have the opportunity now to go for cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. Blepharoplasty is the name of a cosmetic procedure that can reduce sagging of the eyes and also puffiness. No matter what one’s age, Blepharoplasty can drastically improve the appearance of one’s eyes.

Take care of your eyes and dress them up when the occasion demands because they are truly part of first impressions people have of you.



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