Posted in August 2013

Artificial Prosthetic (False) Eye Fitting Post Enucleation Evisceration Eye Removal Surgery

Pthisis bulbi, also called Atrophic bulbi / Small Eye / Shrunken Eye, occurs post eye (ocular) trauma (injury), eye surgery and eye infections (inflammations). Phthisis Bulbi or a painful, Blind eye does not have any vision (sight). Moreover, the blind eye can cause sympathetic ophthalmitis (a disease), which can in turn cause blindness even in the other normal eye. Hence, in an eye with no visual potential, it may make sense to remove the eye (via enucleation, evisceration, eye removal surgery), insert a silicone / acrylic ball implant surgically (to replace the volume of the removed eye) and instead fit in an artificial, custom made ocular prosthesis (false eye). A well fitted ocular prosthesis looks and moves just like a normal eye and it can be difficult even for people to tell if the eye is false or real. Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the top/ best oculoplastic & facial plastic surgeons in the world and currently practices in Mumbai, India. In this blogpost, Dr. Debraj Shome writes about eye removal surgery (enucleation, evisceration, exenteration), a blind eye and cosmetic treatment and rehabilitation of small, shrunken eyes with surgery followed by fitting an artificial, custom, hand made, prosthetic eye. Continue reading

Acid Burn (Acid Throwing / Vitriolage) Victims & Their Story

Chemical Acid Burn, caused by acid throwing or vitriolage, is a violent assault, usually perpetrated on the face of the victims. Acid injury is extremely difficult to treat and melts all tissues, including skin and even bone on the face. It is the toughest injury to treat for plastic & reconstructive surgeons. Dr. Debraj Shome, one of the top / best plastic surgeons in the world (currently based in Mumbai, India) blogs about the acid victims and what they end up going through and what should be done to prevent these cases from occurring. Dr. Shome has treated and performed surgery on many acid burn victims throughout the world and he shares in the pain and angst of this terrible crime perpetrated on his patients. Continue reading

Botox Treatment for Chronic Migraine Headaches

Chronic Migraine is characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headache pains, often in association with a number of other autonomic nervous symptoms. The word derives from the Greek word hemikrania), “pain on one side of the head”. BOTOX (botulinum toxin A) is a prescription medicine that is injected to prevent headaches in adults with chronic migraine who have 15 or more days each month, with headache lasting 4 or more hours each day, in people 18 years or older. BOTOX (botulinum toxin injection treatment) is the first and only US FDA-approved, preventive treatment for chronic migraines (best treatment for chronic migraine headaches), proven to reduce headache days every month. Botox therapy is available at low costs/ prices. Dr. Debraj Shome blogs on the use of Botox treatment as a cheap, affordable method to prevent migraine and other chronic headaches. Continue reading

Mid-Face Lift – Scarless Removal of Facial Wrinkles & Lines

A face lift is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure used to remove face lines & wrinkles & give a more youthful facial appearance. As we age, gravity and fat deflation (loss of volume) rob us of facial fullness. One area in which these effects can be seen is the midface area. To achieve a younger appearance, in a midface lift, the surgeon can use a combination of several small incisions along the hairline and inside the mouth, this way the fatty tissue layers can be lifted and repositioned. This way there are practically no scars. A mid-face lift can also be performed through a trans-conjunctival incision (blepharoplasty eyelid surgery incision). Dr. Debraj Shome, one of the top / best facial plastic surgeons in India and the world, blogs on the midface lift, a minimally invasive surgery, which can make you look years younger & remove lines & wrinkles from your face. This surgery can be performed with no visible incisions (scarless), is anti-aging and you can heal rapidly from this surgery. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Eyelid Puffiness

Dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes and eyelid puffiness can take away from the charm and the beauty of your face and eyes. Under eye Bags can be caused by either fat or fluid accumulation. While eyelid bags/ sagging can be treated with blepharoplasty cosmetic eyelid surgery, surgery performed in a case of under eye/ lower eyelid/ periorbital puffiness due to fluid accumulation/ retention, can actullay worsen the dark circles and eyelid puffiness.
Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the best oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeons in the world and is currently based in Mumbai India. He blogs on how to distinguish/ differentiate between fluid and fat in the under eye and tear trough area and also how to Get Rid of Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Eyelid Puffiness effectively and safely. Continue reading