Best Home Beauty Tips & Remedies

Best home beauty tips and remedies

We all our attracted to ‘good looking’ things in life. Anything that is beautiful and pleasing to our eyes catches our attention. Men and women alike want to be called beautiful. But toady with lifestyle stress increasing exponentially, being beautiful or staying so is no easy task. So, how does one manage to look good and feel full of energy?

In the quest to look beautiful, we are constantly on the lookout for beauty products that will be best suited for us. We are always looking for shampoos to suit our hair type, make up products of different types and numerous other things to make us look like a million bucks. But the difficult task of finding the perfect set products can be exhausting. Regardless of how effective these products are, they are full of chemicals and also burn a hole in the pocket of the consumer.

Home remedies can be quite effective to achieve the same results and the added bonus of the whole deal; they are chemical free. So you do not have anything to worry about.


Beauty Tips

Best Skin Remedies

  • Lemon and honey are known for their skin brightening properties. Simply mix half a teaspoon of honey wit few drops of lemon. Apply the mixture on the face for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. This is an excellent remedy for people with oily skin.
  • For those who are looking to lighten the under eye circles, almonds and milk can come to your rescue. Apply a paste of soaked almonds combined with milk to the affected area and watch those dark circles fade away in sometime. This remedy however is suitable for people with dry/ normal skin.
  • To get rid of the blemish patches on the skin, a mixture of banana, curd, and honey along with crushed almonds works like wonders.
  • A mixture of glycerin and a few drops of lemon not only moisturizes the skin but also fades away the dark spots.
  • To treat acne and also achieve a bright complexion, a mixture of curd with a pinch of turmeric and few drops of lemon can be applied on the face and the neck. The lemon and curd help in moisturizing the skin and also reduce the imperfections.
  • To achieve a lighter and clear complexion, people with any skin type can use a mixture of cucumber juice mixed with lemon juice. The cucumber juice acts as an astringent and gives a cooling effect.
  • A face pack which has been on use since ages on Indian brides is the one which is made with gram flour as its main ingredient. The face pack consists of gram flour mixed with curd and turmeric. It has numerous advantages. The gram flour or besan acts as an exfoliant ,curd acts as a moisturizer and turmeric acts as an antiseptic and helps in clearing out the acne. This face pack has been used for years and the results are noticeable within a few weeks of being used regularly.
  • Banana peel can be rubbed directly on skin everyday to achieve glowing skin.
  • A mixture of sandal powder and honey also can be used to cure as well as prevent acne.
  • Papaya is one of the miracle foods which is excellent for skin health. Papaya can be mashed and applied directly on to the face or can be mixed with milk to increase the level of moisture in the skin. Oatmeal can also be added to the same mixture for exfoliation.

One has to be patient while using the aforementioned remedies. These home remedies are surely effective but the results take time to show. For those who are willing to be patient and regular with these home treatments, healthy and glowing skin is guaranteed.


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