Posted in May 2010

VASER Facial Liposuction – Getting The Correct Jaw Contour & Getting Rid of the Double Chin

The New Technique for altering facial shapes and removing double chins – VASER Liposuction. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Simply put, it adds the benefit of ultrasound technology to the standard Liposuction Procedure. Ultrasound waves are sound waves at specific frequency and one commonly comes across it during ultrasound cleaning of dental plaque and while looking at the growing baby in mother’s womb. Vaser has resurrected ultrasound in liposuction. The speciality of Vaser is “ liposelection” – meaning it caused damage to fat cells only without damaging other tissues. Simply put, the VASER technology converts by sound energy the thick fat into almost liquid milk-shake like consistency. As this new type of fat removal causes much less ‘collateral’ tissue damage, VASER is used more and more for delicate fat removal from the face. The face, as we know, is a myriad of many nerves and vessels and any damage to a nerve or vessel has permanent repercussions on the way the face animates and looks. This is where VASER is specifically handy as the VASER energy can just melt away stubborn fat from delicate areas like the jaw line, cheeks, chin and convert a generally ‘round’ face to an ‘angular’ or more pleasant ‘oval’ one. Dr. Debraj Shome blogs on the use of this exciting new technology in facial liposculpture and removal of double chins, chubby cheeks and changing facial shapes. Continue reading