How to Get Rid of Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Eyelid Puffiness

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles, Puffy eyes & Eyelid Puffiness

One of my patients from the city of Kolkata came to me with a set of multiple problems. Though she had very beautiful eyes, the beauty of her eyes was being eclipsed by dark circles, hollows under the eyes, puffy eyes and puffy under eye area. A plastic surgery colleague had performed blepharoplasty on her eyes. Post-surgery, my patient had developed hollows in the under-eye area because of a tear trough abnormality and the puffiness had worsened. This set is a chain of errors. Mistakenly the dark circles were now thought to be due to absence of orbital septum and the lady was given under eye fillers. This led to the formation of an under eye lump.

To understand what exactly caused the lady so much distress, the question for the plastic surgeon is ‘is it after fluid in the Under-Eye Area?

Bags in the under eye area can be due to fat deposits or fat accumulation. Water retention can cause puffiness and dark circles particularly in mornings. In case it is caused due to fat, the fat starts to separate from the bone and it sags due to age. The distinction between the actual two causes of puffiness is important because a blepharoplasty can be used to correct the fat deposition problem but in case of fluid accumulation the problem could worsen and the fluid could accumulate even more.

A poorly performed treatment with Botox injections can worsen the problems of dark circles, eyelid puffiness and puffy eyes. If Botox is improperly injected it can cause the orbicularis oculi action to worsen and can lead to even more fluid accumulation.

The differentiation can be made by the following methods:-

  • If on touching the bag under the eye you feel the bone of the lower eye socket or cheek, the accumulation is likely of fluid. These bags are also called malar bags and are caused by chronic fluid retention and eyelid surgery will be ineffective on them.
  • If on touching the bag gives is felt in the tissue, the bag is most likely of fat deposit which can be treated with eyelid surgery or lower eye lift surgery.
  • Fluid accumulation which causes dark circles is genetic in nature. Factors like age and fatigue can increase the swelling. A diet with low salt content may help. One may observe the under eye tissues to be swollen just after waking up which happens due to redistribution of fluid due to gravity because of horizontal position.

Treatment for dark circles, under eye puffiness and puffy eyelids:-

Fillers can be used to treat hollows of the under eyes and a deep tear trough deformity very well. Soft tissue fillers like Restylane, Perlane or Juvaderm can help in treatment by making the puffiness less obvious. But this should be done by an Oculoplastic surgeon.  Under eye circles can be treated by making changes in diet and lifestyle. A dedicated skin care regimen and laser resurfacing can help under eye circles.

Fractional carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing has produced encouraging results for under eye puffiness and puffy eyes.

When choosing a doctor for treatment, choose a surgeon who specializes in Oculoplastic surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons have training in eye surgery and plastic surgery as well therefore they are best at treating the cosmetic as well as functional aspects of eyelid diseases.


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