Skin Care for Pilots, Air Hostesses, Cabin Crew & Frequent Flyers

Valuable Skincare information for Airline Staff and Regular Passengers

Those employed with airlines and on the go over flights got a challenging job. Flight attendants to pilots to the crew members, all must maintain a good appearance despite the fact that they got a hectic schedule, tiresome hours, and demanding customers on flight. Unlike what people think, maintaining an appealing appearance is not only a prerequisite for female members on the crew; males too have to ensure that. Evidently, it becomes extremely crucial for these airline staff members to keep tidy hair, show a refreshing face and retain glowing eyes.

A bigger challenge for the flight attendants, pilots and the cabin crew is to look refreshing when they are flying in night and are on a long-haul. What makes it even more challenging is that flying shows its influence on anybody and so these staff members frequently flying cannot be isolated. At an altitude of thousands of meters over the surface, it is never easy to stay in restrained areas and that is the much likely reason to make faces salty.

However, skincare experts and beauticians don’t stop to mention that it is still possible to maintain a fresh appearance. Regardless of the altitude, space confinement and long work schedule, you as a cabin crew or attendant on the flight can emerge fresh always, if you follow some important tips:

  • Consuming ample amount of water is one of the foremost advices of experts. The precise quantity of water can be computed through a formula. Dividing the weight by two, the number arrived is the amount of water one should drink. This means a person weighing 130 pounds should intake 64 oz of water every day. For this, you must carry enough water to remain hydrated always.
  • Moisturizer is a must to accompany you on flights as you feel the need to moisturize yourself most of the time. Beauty experts advocate use of Vaseline to check those creases and cracks on lips, cuticles, elbows and knees.
  • Preparing for the flight and feeling the urge for some crunchy snack? Curb the urge and rather, get some veggies or fruits otherwise you are like to get pretzels. Also, it is good to have your home cooked snack or lunch instead of getting what is served on flight.
  • Staying away from the artificial makeup ideas and products and preferring organic makeup is best when on a night flight. Applying something like mascara can only leave you with irritating eyes because of the arid aircraft cabin.

It is also advisable to remove the makeup at the sleeping time on the flight. This can be conveniently and quickly done with hypoallergenic and wet facial wipes.

  • Practice some stretching workouts to maintain a good blood flow in body. As the blood circulation enhances, skin looks fresher for long. Some mild but significant workouts can be easily performed by the attendants and other members on flight. Some of these are:
  • Rotating the ankles for good blood flow in feet and legs.
  • Feet elongation releases calf muscles.
  • The posture, in which clasped hands are stretched over head so as to touch the roof, remarkably helps in relaxation and sturdiness.
  • Flying for long hours on a high latitude results in puffy eyes. This situation can be checked and reduced with the help of cucumber slices and bags of chilled green tea.
  • Possibility of a specific skin care is high for pilots and flight attendants and this gets especially decided by the number of hours one is flying high. There are special methods to examine this category of cancer abrasion.

As a preventive measure, good quality sunscreen which comprises SPF in appropriate quantity is a great aid to evade cancer. This not only checks early aging but also is defends one from skin cancer.

In a nutshell, you cannot deny the effect of spending recurrent hours in air on the plane. Best you can do is stick to preventive steps and enjoy a refreshing face always.


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