Celebrity Beauty Secrets Makeover Tips

Some Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Expert Hints to Makeover

Unlike common people for whom looking glamorous is a time-specific decision and is a matter of choice and, celebrities got this as a prerequisite. So it should not surprise you if you see a film actor always tidily dressed up or a heroine ever displaying a flaunting appearance! Best thing on your part in this aspect is to pick up handy hints as the secrets of their beauty and glamour.

  • For those who regularly get a facial done, here is an interesting update. Some Hollywood celebrities use Liquid Gold in their facial to enjoy its anti-aging characteristics. Best is it that even Ayurveda approves it. So you can defy your age using Liquid Gold Facial while rejoicing the fact that this is a celebrity beauty secret.

Some celebrities were lately in news and a subject of attention on social media lately for their lavish look emerged out of a liquid gold facial. Wouldn’t you grab this celebrity secret to be an attention grabber soon?

Liquid Gold: What cosmetologists say after its medical analysis?

Cosmetic medical treatment study of the Liquid Gold Facial depicts its anti-aging qualities. It shows that this is a powerful firming and resurfacing treatment and is best to control sun damage and eliminate pigmentation and wrinkles.

Its chief ingredient glycolic acid, which is derived organically from sugarcane, is present around 10% in liquid gold. It tenderly works to break up dead skin cells tied together on skin’s top surface and shows the healthy, youthful and fresh skin cells existing underneath. Analysis also shows that liquid gold can enhance the metabolism of skin leading to a bright skin tone.

When cell membranes absorb the formulation, golden glow on skin is reestablished and this may be so even in case of skins which lack shine. Many cosmetic experts have recurrently denied the utility of facials, the analysts of liquid gold test favor Liquid Gold Facial.

Face Taping for a Shapely Face:

After some celebrity performers employed the facelift tape method to harmonize their neck and cheekbone skin, this became a subject of discussion – is a facelift tape better than all other resorts like Botox, cosmetics, facials and cosmetic surgery?

Face Taping: What analysts say about its utility in removing wrinkles?

Everyday face taping is completely ruled out by medicinal experts as they feel this may result in internal facial scarring. Effect of this can emerge in the form of skin’s early maturing because nutrient absorption of the skin is badly affected due to the face taping. Another hazard which experts see is laxation in facial muscles after which the aging lines and wrinkles may soon show up on face.


Liquid Gold Facial

Bar Refaeli Liquid Gold Facial

However, given to count the pros of facelift tape, the wearer’s appearance can improve by manifolds but once the tape is removed, that appearance is gone. Further, this isn’t a costly affair as against other pricey methods like a cosmetic surgery or the expensive anti-aging creams.

Moisturize with Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has been used to moisturize hair and skin by a listed Hollywood personality.

Mayonnaise Moisturizer: What analysts say about it?

Contents like oil, soya and eggs make mayonnaise an outstanding aid to dry facial skin. Vinegar content existing in it stimulates skin cells to give the feeling of an exfoliated face. Based upon this fact, experts are in favor of mild mayo massage on face.

In addition to the above, some other facials predominantly used by celebrities have been Bird Shit or Bird Poop Facial, Geisha Facial and using anti-piles cream to de-puff the eyes. However, analysts don’t see any positive and skin favoring findings about them. In contrast, medical analysis conducted to check the authenticity of snake venom as a Botox replacement prove that it can reduce wrinkles because its application relax the frowning and grimacing of facial muscles.

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