Botox Injections, Prevent Wrinkles, Anti-Aging Treatment

Information and Expectations from Botox Injection Treatment

Botox is the one of the most significant aspects for those wishing to deny aging signs and retain a youthful skin for long. However, it is important to know the important factors associated with Botox Injection Treatment and you must know about them:

  • Botox is nothing but Botulinum Toxin. Humans know this substance and its medicinal purpose for many years now; it was earlier used to cure neck wryness or cervical dystonia, failure to open eyes completely, or Blepharospasm and for squinting eyes, also known as strabismus. However later on, its cosmetic characterized popularized and particularly because it possesses qualities that can keep wrinkles away, men and women started seeking it.

Today, a lot of famous and infamous people fondly take Botox injections.

Face Expression Muscles

Muscles causing facial Expression

  • Botox injections are particularly renowned to eliminate facial lines which appear due to aging. To reverse the aging effect on face, this drug injected in either the forehead region like Glabella where vertical lines are seen or in periorbital crow’s feet which beneath eyes.

Botox Injection

  • Though Botox injections are profoundly used, few misconceptions are associated with it. A of common misconception is that the drug is only meant for nasolabial folds or the laugh lines. This is wrong! Cosmetic experts use filler injections to cure laugh lines. Another myth is that BOTOX is not a safe drug as it works after paralyzing the region on which it is applied. Such paralyzing effect can occur only when it is taken in excessive quantities, but not in mild or prescribed doses.

Some people also feel that their real facial expressions may be lost after having BOTOX injected. Actually, Botox injection is used to remove those frowning or maturing lines on the face. This does not affect a person’s normal gestures.

  • Process of injecting Botox is quite specific. The patient has to lie on the examination stand which is kept inclined to an angle. The areas which Botox is to be interposed are first cleaned and then a special painkiller cream is shot. This is when there is apt time for Botox injection in the desired regions. Normally, the forehead area can be injected in four to five regions whereas in the eye area, Botox can be injected in two to three spots.
  • Few hazards of Botox cannot be denied. Patients getting the Botox injected can suffer from mild fever like flue, pain in the injected area and may complain headache. Dr. Debraj Shome, the world renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon, who is also exceptionally skilled in providing Botox treatment, makes sure that the chance of any side-effects on patients due to these injections is as low as .0001%. He ensures this in spite of the fact that the complications are too mild and quick to resolve.

Watch video to see what a magical transformation Botox can create:

  • Influence of Botox injections starts showing anywhere from three to ten days and it may remain for up to six months. The patient has to get repeat injections of Botox because after the stipulated period, facial lines and wrinkles return to their previous situation.
  • Botox injections have magically changed people’s lifestyle to a more modernized version. The treatment has many medicinal advantages in conditions like Blepharospasm and migraine. The cosmetic benefits of Botox can be used also in alterations in face dimension.

In short, Botox is reliably used today to defy the age and gain a young looking face, free of those aging lines and wrinkles.

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