Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon – Who Do I go to?

Puzzled whom to contact – Cosmetologist, Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon? Here’s the Answer!

If you are one of those individuals who are easily confused in case of a skin condition, you are not alone. Most people are commonly puzzled about who is the best specialist to contact in ‘their specific case’ – Cosmetologist, Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon. Also, the increased number of specializations today only leaves common people to wonder whether they should meet a facial plastic surgeon or a cosmetic consultant; dermatologist or Trichologist; Oculo-plastic surgeon or someone else.

To simplify a common man’s understanding and have an overview about which nomenclature best describe the role of which expert, this article can be insightful for you.

Plastic Surgeon: This is a medical expert which specializes in various restorative surgical procedures. Unlike what is largely understood, as most people think it is meant for cosmetic purposes, it involves surgery for restoration of different body parts like hand or corrective procedure after a burn incident. The term ‘plastic’ here suggests sculpting or reshaping and this stream plastic surgery is an essential split of Medicinal studies.

Precisely, there is a vast difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. Beware if you come across any false claims in this regard and stay clear that even skill specialists i.e. dermatologists or eye surgeons i.e. ophthalmologists are experts of their own stream.

Plastic Surgeon

Facial Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgeon: A person specialized as cosmetic surgeon is best known as the expert who works on people’s external appearance, such as helping them eliminate wrinkles. Some of the commonest procedures a cosmetic surgeon performs are – Breast Augmentation for reshaping women’s breasts, Rhinoplasty for shaping up the nose, blepharoplasty which is to reshape eyelids, liposuction most renowned technique for fat elimination, etc.

Dermatologist: Simply put, this person is a skin specialist and tackles all kinds of skin related conditions. The dermatologist not just treats such conditions but also performs skin appendages.

Facial Plastic Surgeon: Facial Plastic Surgeon is someone who has specialized in this significant stream of Medicine. Consequently, the specialist is proficient in restoration procedures and can capably beautify features on people’s face surgically. Men and women looking to better their face, looks, etc and to elevate overall appearance, in case of a face distorted because of burn, ailment, injury, or other reasons, can benefit through facial plastic surgeon. Procedures conducted by this surgeon consist of Lip augmentation, Face or Brow or Cheek lift, shaping the eyelid, etc.

Cosmetologist: Cosmetologist is different from dermatologist and is an expert in skin care and is adept at using lotions, creams and all sort beauty products for making up people. Hair care is part of a cosmetologist’s function in which hair extension, straightening and coloring are involved. Modern cosmetologists, in their extended role, adopt botox and lasers too and can also provide weight loss treatments, botox & fillers.

Dermato-Surgeon: Dermato-surgeon capably conducts cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, lasers and insidious facelifts, being an especially proficient and expert Dermatologist. This person adeptly knows cutaneous surgery and aptly performs it too.

Oculoplastic Surgeon: A blend of plastic surgery and ophthalmology gets visible in the modus operandi of an oculoplastic surgeon. This expert can skillfully conduct surgeries pertaining to eye socket, eyelid, orbital, lacrimal, etc related to the eye.

Cosmetic Dermatologist: Specialization of a Cosmetic Dermatologist facilitates successful treatment of areas which influence a personal external appearance. Treatment related to hair, skin and nails are predominantly included in the cosmetic dermatologist’s operational area.

Trichologist: Performing treatment pertaining to hair and scalp is the role of a Trichologist. This is a divide of Dermatology and tackles all hair related issues such as thinning, fall, rupture hair breakage, trimness, etc of hair.

Despite the information, you may still come across people who may conveniently want to take the benefit of wrongly understood terminologies or people’s illiteracy in this respect. They can always seek help from surgeons or dermatologists certified by the Board.

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