Skin Care Tips – Do Facials (Face Treatments) Work?

Knowing the Effectiveness of Facials; Skincare Tips from Experts!

Most of us are inclined towards a holistic treatment strategy or go for something that is non-surgical and non-invasive whenever considering ideas to gain a youthful face and look young. Evidently, majority of expert advices on the subject preach only the natural or organic beauty tips. In this respect, there is a special mention for facials as a fond preference for most men and women. Facials are a great way of refreshing as well as renewing looks and this reality makes facials the third fondest spa healing as per the International Spa Association.

So why are facials so popular, and what makes them so fond – the brands, the massage or just that soothing sensation? Are scientists happy with the urge for facials and okay with the process?

First, let’s see what factors make people get facials. They:

  • Want better skin appearance, neither too oily nor dry.
  • Need to de-stress and relax.
  • Wish cleansing of pores.
  • Look for skin rejuvenation to defy aging.

Basic facial can be easily had at home but for specialized treatments, people need to see an aesthetician in salon or spa.

Beauty Tips


Less familiar facial methodologies:

  • Many celebrities prefer oxygen facials over others as they amply hydrate the face and plump and smooth the skin quickly. Oxygen is understood to be effectively working in skin to reverse aging, though no expertise advice supports this fact.
  • A handheld electric device when moved over the face after applying some creams or gels, the process is galvanic facial. It is understood that electric currents foster infiltration of serums and moisturizers, however again, there is no specialized basis to that.

Many other regimes such as Botox facials and jewelry wearing join the list of ‘unusual’ facial techniques. Authenticity of jewelry as a face rejuvenator is quite deniable while Botox works best as injections, not facials.

Point is – are facials not effective as they are popularly believed to be; and how a facial face treatment can substantially help?

  • According to skincare experts, facials are good only when done by only specialist beauticians and using only the most reliable creams and gels – coming from good brands. Facials done by inexperienced and unprofessional hands can worsen the skin luster.
  • Influence of a facial or spa / salon treatment on face is short-lived. To maintain the glow on face, repeat visits are needed. Besides the massage of human hands, there is no tangible advantage of facials as per experts.

It is true that massage can trigger good blood flow and this circulation can be healthy for the face. This is as a result of movement lymph system receives due to which toxins don’t stagnate there and expedites flushing in lymph system thus leaving the face less puffy and more youthful.

Not to surprise, cosmetic products, lotions and gels again have little contribution in this respect.

Precisely speaking, dependable care of the face can be ensured only by a dermatologist or cosmetic expert. The expertise and proficiency needed to care the face can never be achieved in a salon or spa! Similarly, it is never right to dedicate to specific creams, gels or lotions thinking they are responsible for the face’s glow and youthfulness. Facial on the other hand can certainly play its role in draining the lymph and adding radiance to the face.

So the next time when you feel like getting a facial, keep these facts in mind. While it’s never a bad idea to rule out a facial entirely, you got to keep realistic expectations from it – regardless of whether you are getting the facial done from a beautician in spa, a cosmetic assistant in saloon, or are having one yourself!


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