Photogenic Face – What Makes Beautiful Photos?

Factors that Facilitate Generating a Photogenic Face

Who doesn’t like to have a photogenic face? Everyone! But strangely so, many people who look extremely gorgeous otherwise don’t possess a photogenic face and that becomes a cause of their misery. In a world where people can’t wait to take and flash ‘selfies’, how does it feel if you are spotted as an average or below average individual? Naturally, you get uneasy and want to find out how to get those awesome, mind-blowing photographs and how to enhance your presence in selfies or other snaps!

Beautiful Face

Beautiful Monkey Face – Even Monkies can photograph well!

  • The first predominant aspect to consider here that among the diversity of face shapes existing on earth, female beauty depicts in heart or oval shaped faces with a narrower chin while male’s handsomeness gets underlined in the harmony of their chin and jaw line and on square and broader face shapes.

You can be one of the blessed fellows to possess such a face shape however everybody cannot be so perfect to be beautiful or handsome. In that case, you always have the liberty to smartly choose camera angles which can aptly emphasize your appearance.

  • Making up before a photo shoot is understandably the right thing as per experts. Makeup provokes healthy appearance which further as the idea in this is to focus on skin tone enhancement, emphasizing eyes, highlighting eyebrows and harmonizing face proportion. So making up is a good clue to come as photogenic in snaps.
  • Smiling faces are naturally charming. Every time you are in front of the cam, whether it is for a group snap or a selfie, make sure you are wearing a relaxed smile. Your photos will look naturally cool and attractive. If you are a female, put on lipstick in bright shades to have the focus on you.

Bad Lipstick Application – How not to apply Lipstick

  • If your skin tone is even, you got to work a bit on that. For example, if there are scars, they get visible more than the usual in snaps. For those who have scars of any kind, a better way is to apply a concealer; it tones up the entire skin on face to an identical one. Experts also suggest acne scar treatment through Carbon Dioxide laser as they call it extremely beneficial.
  • Check if your skin is oily and better get rid of that oiliness using a tissue paper or blogging sheet. But make sure you skin doesn’t appear too dry either. This care facilitates your photogenic appearance. Experts rule out using Kleenex instead of tissue paper.
  • As regards the technicality of a camera, it is worthwhile knowing that though the camera shoots 3D objects, it transforms them into 2D which is why faces in snaps look compressed and flat.

Hint here is that those with charming facial gestures and perfect facial structure perfect, and those with not, will have to be little tricky when facing the camera. Specialist advice in this respect is to not look into the lens directly as it would only show your face’s fullness. Rather, allow the surrounding shadows existing naturally with your face slightly turned to sideways.

Beautiful Eyes Face

The Dimensions of a Beautiful Face

In a nutshell, great photogenic photographs aren’t a magical thing to happen. They can be created with a sensitized approach to facing cameras, slightly artistic view and of course, knowing some photography basics. If you are already photogenic, that is always a picture friendly attribute but not every one of us can possess so perfect a face. Also, models, actors, celebrities, etc are capable enough to get the shape they want which is not so in case of common folks. All we can do is know the secrets of the game, as those quoted above and generate an oomph factor appearing photogenic in every frame!


Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the top/ best oculoplastic surgeons & top / best facial plastic surgeons in the world and currently practices in Mumbai, India. Internationally trained in the USA, UK, Germany and Singapore, Dr. Shome has received super-specialty training in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery, eyelid surgery, orbital and lacrimal surgery. He is one of the few Indian surgeons listed on Wikipedia. Dr. Shome is an avid photographer himself & this blogpost is especially close to his heart.



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