Oculoplastic Surgery in India

Important Information about Oculoplastic Surgery in India

Increased specialization is the news face of cosmetic surgeries in the world and India is not devoid of this reality. Amongst the many specialties, Oculoplasty is certainly one profound technique today. This specialization is the outcome of different fellowship programs run by various leading institutions of India.

Eyelid and orbital are two important components largely contributing to a person’s looks. The surgery though was done by plastic surgeons earlier, yet it is now a specific stream and is being taken care by Oculoplastic Surgeons. Oculoplasty deals with various parts of the face including eyelid, orbital, mid-face and lacrimal. For whatever reason you want to get Oculoplasty done, you may get it through an expert in India and the procedure won’t either be as pricey as in US or Europe.

Oculoplasty – The Term and Procedure:

Known by various terms – Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery, Eye Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, etc, the procedures is meant to remove anomaly or deformity pertaining to tear or Lacrimal, the bony socket or orbit, eyelids and also adjoining face.

Ophthalmology and Ophthalmologist

The expert who performs this surgery holds specialize in Ophthalmology but may also have undergone Oculoplastic Surgery super-speciality training. This means his surgical expertise and knowledge perfectly eye as well as medicinal practice and is an Ophthalmologist, with rigorous advanced training in plastic surgery. Oculoplastic Surgery predominantly concerns eyes and the region surrounding them. Obviously, this is one of the most intricate facial portions and has fragile structures responsible for a person’s vision as well as looks.

Precisely speaking, an ophthalmologist has to deal with the most sensitive organ and matters of patients. His specialization comes after four and half years in medical college and of course, a year’s internship. This is followed by the resident course of 3 years, but to be called fully expert, the aspirant goes through fellowship training of 2 years; in this he is coached on Reconstructive, Orbit and Ophthalmic Plastic surgery.

Oculoplastic Procedures:

Various oculoplastic procedures are performed in the process of restoring the cosmetic appearance and treating medicinal problems.

  • Lacrimal surgery is to treat watery eyes and repairing the tear dust impediments.
  • Ptosis surgery deals with saggy eyelids.
  • There are dedicated procedures to cure tumors within or anywhere outside eyes. Tumors are successfully removed in this.
  • Procedures may as well be needed for various cosmetic purposes which include blepharospasm for eyelid problems, blepharoplasty or eye lift, botox injecting, brow lift, etc.
  • Eyelid surgery can be require for procedures such as ptosis, tumors, ectropion, entropion, etc. Eyelift or Blepharoplasty is the plastic surgery that is conducted to take off excess fat or skin from or around eyelids.
  • An oculoplastic surgeon treats different kinds of eyelid tumors or cancers and skin cancers such as carcinomas of sebaceous, squamous or basal cell, and malevolent melanomas. They use different techniques in reconstructive surgeries and may use grafts or flaps.
  • Canthectomy is name of the process in which tissue at intersection of lower and upper eyelids is taken away.
  • Cosmetic surgery of canthus is conducted in Canthoplasty. When the need is to abbreviate plpebral fissure, it is done by stitching outer canthus and the process is called canthorrhaphy. When a division of outer canthus is required, it is done through Canthogtomy.
  • Malevolent orbital tumors may be treated through a complex process – Exenteration. In this, entire eye, extraocular muscles and tissues around may be removed along with the orbital.
  • In orbital reconstruction, different processes are involved. Artificial eye and eyelid replacement is done in Anaplastology or Orbital prosthesis. To treat Graves’ diseases, orbital decompression is done.

In the clinic of an expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Debraj Shome, you may also get different other procedures such as Browplasty, Rhytidectomy or facelift, Endoscopic forehead and brow-lift, Liposuction for face and neck, Ultrapeel Microdermabrasion and get Botox Injections.


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  13. Hi there. I just wanted to confirm wether eyelid correction also comes under oculoplasty? My eyelids are droopy and looks like unintiresting. I want to get them corrected.

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