Red Eyes – Causes & Treatment

Got Red Eyes? Read on to know the Causes and Find Treatment

Reddishness in the eyes can be common if it is mild. This is quite likely when a foreign object momentarily strikes the eyelid, in case of a sleepless night or may be common cold. But when the color is severely red and it persists, expert involvement is indispensable. Red eye is a condition which is understandably an outcome of some ailment, an injury or some sort of infection or allergy.

The term “red eye” is also identified by different other names like bloodshot, allergy or pink eyes.

Red Eye

Conjunctivitis – A Cause for Red Eye

Possible Red Eye Causes:

Numerous reasons can be associated with the formation of red eyes, few of which are as under:

Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis causes due to an infection in the eye’s surface coating or eyelid tissue lining and the symptoms may well emerge in the form of inflammation or swell. It is called conjunctivitis because the problem is concerned with “conjunctiva”.

Blepharitis: An infection in the upper eyelid can lead to Blepharitis. In this, eyelashes situated adjacent to eyelid lining are seen swelled.


Upper Eyelid Infection – Blepharitis

Scleritis: Sclera is the name of that layer which is situated in outer part of eye. A disorder, such as excessive inflammation or irritation on this layer is known as Scleritis. Condition can be painful for the sufferer and in extensive degrees, person can lose vision too.

Uveitis: Choroid, iris and the ciliary body jointly form Uvea, an important component of eye. Uveitis is all about a swelled uvea and underlying cause may be some sort of exposure to toxins, chaotic autoimmune or infection.

Eye Infections

Corneal Ulcer

Corneal ulcers and abrasion: When a viral or bacterial infection leads to ulceration to influence the eye’s external cover, it may be diagnosed as corneal ulcers.

Entry of some foreign object or dust particle can prompt a person to rub the eye and this may lead to minor scratch on cornea leading to abrasion.

Entropion: Entropion is a harsh condition in which eyelid folds inside thus generating pain as eyelashes stroke the cornea. Result may well emerge in the form of watering eyes and reddishness.

Eyelid Diseases

Eyelid Diseases – Lower Eyelid turning inwards – Causing Redness


Some other problems appear when eyelashes turn outwards and become a cause of reddishness.

  • Inflammation in the eye’s colored area is known as Iritis.
  • Corneal soreness and redness is Keratitis.
  • In Ectropion, eyelashes and eyelid are seen externally folded leading to severe optical issues.
  • Bulge in the eyelid corner leading to distress is Stye.
Eye Cancer

Redness in the Eye – You think Conjunctivitis? This is EYE CANCER!

More Severe Conditions:

Breaking of a tiny blood vessel below the conjunctiva is a harsh status and is known as Sub-conjunctival haemorrhage. Another condition identical to conjunctivitis is Conjunctival Squamous Cell Carcinoma; this begins with a usual conjunctiva growth, commonly known as SCC, but can be harsher to the extent of cancer only to deny recovery.

One of the most ideal conditions in today’s work environment is elongated time spent in front of computer screen, further leading to dryness in eyes. Identified as Computer Vision Syndrome, one should take immediate measure to cure it.

Red Eyes

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Redness Cases which are Not Conjunctivitis but Cancer

  • A drooping eyelid can be diagnosed as Ptosis and the person can show reddish and exhausted eyes.
  • An allergic substance may make corneal and conjunctival epithelium to ruthlessly respond in the form of nodular affection. This can be Phlycten or Phyctenule.
  • Eye redness can also be linked with Eye Proptosis and Thyroid Eye ailment.

Few Common Red Eye Symptoms:

  • Inflammation
  • Itchiness in eyes or eyelids
  • Swell on eyelids
  • Watering eyes, or mild to thick fluid discharge
  • Sensing presence of a foreign object
  • Light sensitiveness or photophobia
  • Blepharitis – falling eyelashes
  • Skin shelling over eyelid or Dermatitis

IT IS ALWAYS ADVISABLE TO CHECK A RED EYE CONDITION EXAMINED BY AN EXPERT. However, it is worth knowing few common treatments to red eyes:

  • Analgesics, or orally consumed antihistamines or medicated eye drops can significantly aid.
  • For exhaustive eyes particularly in summers, eye redness, swelling or ache can be subsided by placing ice cubes wrapped in a cloth.
  • Above all, specific lifestyle amendments contribute a lot for the health of eyes. A healthy diet, regular eye exercises (as prescribed by experts), keeping away from infections and infected people, etc can vitally help.
  • Consuming lots of Vitamin A and E carriers too are advantageous. Give place to fruits, leafy veggies, nuts etc in your eatables.


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