Botox Injections for Severe Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

How Botox Injections help prevent Hyperhidrosis or Severe Sweating

When unwarranted sweating becomes a trouble to hamper an individual’s usual being, expert solutions are required. Are you an individual recurrently distracted by underarm sweat? Is it embarrassing for you to raise your arm due to their stains? Do you feel better not to purchase new attires only to be spoiled due to sweaty underarms? Is this, axillary hyperhidrosis becoming a cause of your social disapproval? These and many such questions can make you amply inferior looking for ways to get rid of such situations. This may be as similar and frustrating as the planter hyperhiodrosis indicating sweaty feet, palmar hyperhidrosis term for excessive sweat in palms, and Facial Hyperhidrosis which means too much sweat on face and forehead.

The cure to all forms of Hyperhidrosis can be in BOTOX treatment, but this can be only under expert consultation.

Sweat Glands

Sweat Glands in Skin

Knowing the Sweating deeply:

Amongst all the naturally gifted processes of our body, sweat is definitely one because it functions as a coolant and protects our body from excess heating. Eccrine is a predominant gland and is one among those millions of sweat glands existing in our body. This gland is abundantly found in our palms, feet, armpits, cheeks and forehead areas. Role of this gland is to secrete an unscented fluid and ensure heat control by evaporation and check the temperature of body.

Hyperhidrosis possesses Eccrine sweat gland.

Other Sweat Glands Present in Skin

Apocrine is the name of another glands that exist in genital and armpit areas. Liquid secreted by Apocrine is thicker. It is likely to smell when bacteria on the skin’s surface come in contact with the fluid.

Hyperhidrosis – The Variants:

Primary focal hyperhidrosis is the most usual form which denies any possible medicinal side-effects or chance of a medical condition. When sweating is extreme and equal at both sides, it can be a medical condition. Some of the most usually affected areas can be face / head, underarms, feet and hands.

Secondary generalized hyperhidrosis is another significant variant of hyperhidrosis in which the reasons behind extensive sweat is a side-effect or some other medical condition. So ‘secondary’ here implies the other condition. One aspect that separates this kind of hyperhidrosis from the former one is, the sufferer may usually sweat or such symptoms when sleeping.

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis – The Cure:

  • When treating primary focal hyperhidrosis, doctors may suggest oral medications for evading heavy sweaty in multiple body regions. However, given the chances of side-effects, they may not advise oral medications for a prolonged period.
  • Liposuction, a form of local surgery or procedure restrained to a specific area, can be used to cure this unwarranted underarm sweat. The surgery is common now and its results are promising.
  • In recent years, Botox injections are given to help patients appease from the problem of excessive sweat.

Curing Hyperhidrosis by BOTOX Injections

Botulinum neurotoxin treatment, provided by way of BOTOX injections have been extremely facilitating in knowing the symptoms of excessively sweaty face, underarms, feet, palms, etc. At a time when antiperspirants prove to be futile, this treatment helps; it momentarily chunks those chemical indicators which arouse the sweat glands. Consequently, the unwanted excessive sweating halts.

Point is – how does the sweat disappear? Well, the sweat does not actually disappear but it actually stops sweat production in the regions that came in contact with BOTOX. So barring these regions, body continues producing sweat as it usually does.

BOTOX Injection – Procedure

The process involves injecting little quantity of BOTOX in the influenced body regions as face, feet, hands, palms, underarm, etc. Needle used for this purpose is very fine. Doctor may prescribe a starch-iodine test for to delimitate sweaty glands.

You just need to book your slot with an expert, preferably a plastic surgeon. The treatment involves injecting approx 15 injections and the procedures lasts not more than fifteen minutes. Influence of the BOTOX injections gets visible in four weeks after first treatment as the patient notices reduced sweating in the affected areas. However, when the treatment doesn’t show any improvement even after getting injections, expert should be contacted for further instructions and consultation.


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    Botox is a demonstrated solution for wrinkles in numerous skin facilities on the planet. With more than 20 years in the business sector, the medication has ended up being a quality skin health management item. It is utilized as a corrective on the face. It can additionally be incited into the body through infusion under the skin. It is primarily used to cure wrinkles on the skin and make you look more youthful.

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