The QR 678 Hair Growth Factor Treatment

The QR 678 Hair Growth Factor (QR 678 is a novel molecule invented in India, which prevents hair loss and causes hair growth) was published as a FIRST page story in all TIMES of India (India’s top most English news paper) editions, through out the country! It has been an interesting last couple of hours since. We have been working on this for four years, but this still comes as a shock to us.

You can see and read the original Times of India article here:

1000 plus hits on Dr. Rinky Kapoor (, co-investigator in the invention and subsequent clinical trial, and my blog, each. 50000 hits on two of our websites, causing our websites to crash. 1000 calls to the hospital number, 1000 more to my personal assistants. 500 mails to us. Even I did not expect this sort of response to the QR 678. This, to me, just demonstrates just how many people are impacted by hair loss today, globally, and just how much it bothers them. I have also been inundated with queries on the how, why, where and when and I am writing this blogpost to connect with you all better and to answer your queries as best as I can.

1) Our group has identified a combination of five growth factors which locally cause increased hair growth, on administration into the scalp skin via superficial injections – This concoction is called the QR 678. This is very different and much more advanced than stem cell hair growth treatment being performed in many hair clinics/ centers in the world.
2) These QR 678 growth factors are NATURALLY occuring substances, anyways present in the scalp skin and locally responsible for hair growth! They get reduced in those who lose hair, either due to environmental, genetic or other factors.Since they are anyways present and we are just injecting into the scalp skin what anyways used to be present and this is NOT absorbed systemically, there are no side-effects of this therapy.

The QR 678 Growth Factors being injected into the scalp:

3) For Patients suffering from hair loss, we perform mesotherapy with the QR 678 molecule which are patented growth factors, which is administered by tiny virtually painless injections in the scalp.It requires 5 ~ 8 sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart each. Generally 1 ml of solution is injected per session,each session takes 15 minutes, no hospitalization is required, and each injection costs Rs. 6000 per ml of injection per session.

4) The QR 678 will NOT necessarily work in everyone. This works only when at least a few hair follicles are available in the areas injected! These hair follicles may be quiescent and not very health, they may even be microscopic and NOT visible to naked eye examination, BUT they need to be there! Hence, first we need to examine your scalp skin with a magnifier to see if these hair follicles are available and only then can we recommend therapy.

5) Be realistic about the QR 678, as about everything else in life. Remember if you took years to get to where you are, you will not go back to where you were, in days!

6) If the scalp is completely bald, the QR 678 therapy will not work. Results generally are 80 % regrowth or more depending on the extent of the problem. Improvement starts after 4 sessions.

7) Lotion applications are prescribed to you to which you have to use for maintainance of your hair, post the therapy. We have data now on people for three years – No one yet has required a repeat injection.

8) The QR 678 will work prior to or after a hair transplant, if you are already considering one. It  is also recommend that in people considering hair transplant and having severe hair loss, folks undergo the QR 678 to make the transplantable hair thicker. After all, the transplanted hair also comes from your own scalp, just from a different area, so thicker hair gives us more hair to transplant as well. The QR 678 will definitely reduce the incidence of Hair transplants in a substantial population of moderate hair loss!

9) We have no other branch. We have applied for and this product is currently awaiting a world wide patent. FDA approvals in different regions of the world are in process. Many folks travel to Mumbai and Hyderabad every three weeks from Dubai, London and new York for this therapy.

10) It s good to sceptical and it is necessary to be so, in this day and age. But, it might do you good to examine the credentials of the folks making the claim and the institutes involved!

Will add more as more queries arise. But, all in all, you are not alone, and yes, you might benefit!

You can also read more on the QR 678 treatment here:

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50 thoughts on “The QR 678 Hair Growth Factor Treatment

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  11. I woul like to enjoy your treatment qr679 for my self can u please give me some more detailed onformations about the complete process on the below mentioned email adress
    Consider this as a genuine enquiry and reply me as quick as possible

  12. Sir,
    i am from srinagar, jammu and kashmir n here are also hair fall / bald problem. Here are in thousands who would like to be treated with ur great invention QR 678. Sir i am also a marketing representative i can give u the patients in thousands. But sir u have to give me the guarantee and ur personal email id from which i can contact you. My email id is! (RATHERAJAZ09@GMAIL.Com)

  13. You said that there is no Branch, but there is one at Mumbai.

    Kindly update, if you’ve come up with the any Branch.


  14. hi am interested in qr 678……m in moradabad so in delhi where in get the treatment… contact 9808079321

  15. sir,
    my name is mohd gouse, and am a marketing excutive.
    regarding the QR678 inj. am very intresting, if it will work well I’ll give you 500 to 1000 cases.
    please reply me soon

  16. im 24 and im facing hair loss for the past 3 years. now its condition has worsend. im still using minioxidil and fincar 5mg. but my hair as it grows is thining. apart from that i suffer from danruff. will the QR678 still benefit me??

  17. Dear Doctor,
    As there are many patients who want this treatment but not possible to reach to hyderabad for this. I request you to make a visit to the 4 four metro cities atleast once in a month at Apollo clinics so that more mankind can be benefitted with this service. It would be a great service to the mankind.

  18. sir,plzzz anounce the appointment dates ,i have been contacting ur clinic since more than 1month..plzzzz sir make shure that u provide the dates soon…i worried that i will become late that i may not suit for the qr678 treatment.

  19. Hello Dr,
    Im Currently in Mumbai, I would like to take up the treatment, Plz Provide me your address and contact info for consultation.

  20. sir, really ur invention s a marvel and a welcoming note for most of the persons in the world who daily crying near the mirror…sir, i will be meeting u soon ..i have just one query sir , due to dht mpb hair loss also it works ri8, but even after this treatment whether dht related hair fall arrested or hair loss will be there continously or we have to take any medication for our life to arrest this dht mpb hair fall ,,,kindly give ur valuable opinion sir, waiting for ur valuable words as well…….

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  22. Hi Doctor,
    I am a 21 year old woman with FPB and have undergone 2 Platelet Rich Plasma therapies which include growth factors as well – neither have yielded much result. How is this procedure different? And if we live abroad, can we allow local doctors to administer it after seeing you for initial consultation?
    Many Thanks,

  23. Hi,
    what is the best way to reach you, is it by bus or by train(my options, not by air). am frm blore.and once u take these shots, shud we take it again after an year or this will be the final.plz do reply.

  24. hi sir,
    what ever u said is ok but can u tell me what is a guarantee that u grow new hair will not be again gone fall by a effect of dht

  25. Dr,
    A few questions.
    The website says that clinical trials have been done. But what about Phase I, II, III trials. What is the status of that? Did not find any research paper on the web on your product. Can you please help locate them.


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