Best Hair Growth Treatment & Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Best Hair Growth Treatment & Hair Loss Prevention Tips

The cause of hair loss in men and women are different. It is normal to lose 100-150 strands of hair per day. There are three phases of human hair growth; anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the phase in which the hair grows. Catagen is the short phase during which the hair begins to break down. Telogen is the resting phase in the cycle of hair. Almost 10% of hair which are shed are in the resting phase.

Thyroid disease and anemia can cause hair fall. A complete blood count and blood tests are necessary to exclude any underlying cause for severe hair fall.

What is androgenetic or androgenic alopecia?

Male or female pattern baldness can be attributed to genetic makeup and family history. Earlier it was believed to affect men, but now it is seen in both men and women. In men, the onset of alopecia is early. A combination of hormones and genetic factors causes this condition. The hormones which cause this condition are present in both males and females.

In males, even those who do not become completely bald over the years, the hair thin out eventually. People with male pattern baldness do not notice less hair coming out; they just notice the absence of hair.

There are a few myths about, male pattern baldness. People think that one inherits baldness from his mother’s male relatives, whereas it can be inherited from either side. Long hair doesn’t put strain on the roots. Hair loss does not occur due to poor circulation.

Baldness Cure

Male Pattern Baldness

Some tips to prevent hair loss:-

  • Hair a reflection of your health just like your nails and skin. If a person is healthy, his/her hair will be of good health too. Fruits and vegetables which are high in iron, vitamin B and zinc are essential for good hair health. One should stay hydrated and a diet rich in protein should be taken.
  • It is important to keep hair clean as dirty hair is more prone to hair fall. Contrary to the myth, washing your hair does not increase hair fall. If hair stays dirty with dirt, grime, dandruff etc it will definitely cause hair fall.
  • Do not tightly pull your hair. If the practice of tying the hair tightly is continued for a long time, the hair might permanently stop growing from where it is pulled the most.
  • Avoid chemical treatments.
  • Avoid too much blow drying as it dries out the hair follicles and the scalp as well.
  • Avoid combing hair when they are wet.
  • One of the biggest myths about hair is that oiling is good for hair. Oiling only causes dandruff and seborrhea which eventually causes more hair fall. If applying oil is necessary, it should be done for no more than 45 minutes followed by thorough cleansing with shampoo.

See a video of patients with hair fall & baldness treated with the QR 678 hair growth injection therapy by Dr. Debraj Shome & Dr. Rinky Kapoor:

Treatment for male pattern baldness:-

There are four basic options to slow down the hair loss. Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medicine and has to be used topically. It is most suitable on the crown and not as much on the frontal area. It decreases hair fall. A FDA approved medicine known as Finasteride is used in men with androgenic hair loss. In women it has been used “off label” as it is not FDA approved for women. 1 mg tablets of this medicine are taken every day. It might help in hair growth for some people, but it is used for preserving the hair which are left. A “off label” medicine for men called Dutasteride has been used to treat hair loss in men. It is similar to Finasteride.

There are cosmetic treatment options available for hair loss. Hair fiber powders work well to cover the areas where the hair is thin. Theses sprinkles attach themselves to the hair shaft and give a fuller appearance. These are quite safe and inexpensive as well. Hair pieces or the process of hair weaving in which a mesh is attached to the hair and hair is woven with the existing hair is also an option to conceal the receding hairline. Surgical hair transplants techniques have improved over the years. But they are time consuming and expensive also. Stem cell therapy is a futuristic innovation which may lead to successful treatment of baldness.  PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy for hair loss takes about 80 minutes. It is injected over full scalp area or can be given locally. QR 678 injections are more advanced than stem cell therapy and PRP injections. Its composition is a combination of 6 growth factors and the treatment is more selective. Hair cloning is a procedure which is still being researched, but when it will be available it would mean that the hair would be able to regenerate themselves by genetic engineering.

Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the world and is currently based in Mumbai, India. He has received super-specialty training in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery, hair transplant surgery & the latest advances in non-surgical hair rejuvenation. Dr. Debraj Shome led the clinical research team which resulted in the invention of the QR 678 growth factors.



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