Hair Care Products for Beautiful Hair – How to Choose?

Hair care products for beautiful hair- how to choose?

Everybody wants to look nothing less than a superstar these days. But looking good is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort. How an individual appears to the rest of the world is determined by various things. Not only an individual’s face and body but the overall condition of his/her hair also play a huge role in looking like a million bucks. Everybody wants luscious hair which is shiny and bouncy. Taking care of hair requires some effort but it is not a huge task. There are few simple things to be kept in mind in order to achieve that gorgeous mane.

Some tips for healthy hair are:-

  • Stay away from chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers, curls etc. the chemicals are very detrimental to the health of hair.
  • Get regular trimming done to avoid split hair.
  • Do not share brushes and combs with anyone. Use a natural bristle brush.
  • Picking the right hair products- depending on the length and texture of one’s hair, one should ensure that right hair products are used. Good quality hair products should be used regularly. Never compromise on good quality and always choose reputed brands from the market.

The market today is flooded with millions of hair care products. So how does one really know which product will suit him/her the best?

To begin with, one should know his/her hair type. Hair can be dry, thick, frizzy, straight, wavy, curly etc. if you are not able to determine your hair type, it is best to consult an expert. Try and use hair products which have lesser chemicals and do not rob hair of heir shine and vitality.

Also, the health of hair depends on the styling tools and styling products that are used. Hair styling tools such as curling irons, hair dryer etc. should be chosen with caution. Also, products like gel, hair spray, mousse etc. should be used sparingly.

Hair care tips depending on the hair type:-

Oily/greasy hair

Our scalp produces natural oils which are important to maintain the shine of the hair. But sometimes the oils are produced in more quantity which can make the hair look flat and greasy.

In such cases, a shampoo meant for oily hair should be used. Conditioner is imperative but it should never be applied on the roots of the hair but only on the shaft of the hair. Do not wash hair every day, but do so on every alternate day. Washing hair everyday would make the scalp produce more oil and will make the hair more greasy.

Dry hair

Chemical treatments can make hair dull and life less. The hair becomes dry and prone to easy breakage. Excessive use of heat stylers and products which have high alcohol content can also cause breakage. For dry hair, a moisturizing shampoo should be used. While swimming the hair should be covered and a leave-in conditioner should be used.  Heat appliances should be changed after some time as the thermostats break down after some time and the heat cannot be controlled in such case. Deep conditioning should be done once a week.

Fine hair

Thin hair looks lifeless and limp. People with thin hair should not grow their hair very long as longer hair appears to be even thinner. A layered blunt cut can give the illusion of fuller hair. Do not skip the conditioner and apply it to the ends of the hair and not the roots.

Thick hair

People with thick hair often suffer from itchy scalp. The problem is generally caused by improper rinsing of the shampoo and conditioner which causes buildup on the scalp. Thick hair should be rinsed for longer duration. People with thick hair should opt for hair cut with longer layers to relieve some bulk.

Curly hair

Curly hair appears to be dull because they do not reflect light. The curlier the hair, the more dull they appear to be. On curly hair moisturizing shampoo and conditioners should be used. A deep cleansing shampoo should be used once a week to remove product residue. The last hair rinse should be done with cold water which seals in the moisture. The hair should be pat dry with a thick towel to help the moisture get sealed in.

Hair growth and QR-678 Therapy

QR-678 injections are a result of revolutionary invention which can help in hair growth and can prevent hair loss in males and females alike. This therapy has proven to be more effective than stem cell therapy for hair gain and was reported by leading newspapers in the year 2010. The injections are given at a gap of 6 weeks and eight injections are given during the treatment.


9 thoughts on “Hair Care Products for Beautiful Hair – How to Choose?

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  5. I really had to speak up and let you know this site is impressive and I
    have used lots of the advice made available to transform my body.

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  7. I love this note. Such kind of information is very useful and is really needed. This is one of your those blogs one should print out and stuff in their pocket to have near them to read everyday.

    Here I would like to share an information I’ve come across while flipping through a magazine a few weeks back. This is about a few poor quality hair products. Hope it might prove helpful. There are many over the counter products that contain SILICON like substance that yield great results in the beginning but then gradually coats our hair in a brittle silicon shell and which causes hair to become static, and eventually break. Even few dandruff shampoos contain an acid that actually burns and scars the scalp, making the flaking a perpetual motion machine without end and I’m sure nobody wants that. Once these shampoos have been discontinued and replaced with good quality products, the dandruff will disappear. Protect your hair from theese poor harsh materials. And as Dr Shome said, the hair is crown of glory of a woman/man, therefore, when you purchase the hair products, be sure of the fact that no damage or harm would be done to your crown and glory. 🙂

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