QR 678 Growth Factor Injections – What is new?

The QR 678 Growth Factor Injections: A miracle in the arena of hair growth

The Esthetic Clinic is located within the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad, and is one of the best-known places to get cosmetic surgery done. For many weeks, we have been inundated with calls for appointments and many of you have not been able to get in touch with us. The QR 678 Growth Factor Injections are what has been responsible for this huge rush! Meant for hair growth, this product has been a runaway success since it was launched.

The people whom we have given the QR 678 Growth Factor Injections have agreed that they have never seen something like this before. Hair loss is a common problem with many Indians and to arrest hair loss and promote hair growth is something a lot of us try to do, albeit unsuccessfully. So something like this, which has been proven time and again to be very useful in promoting hair growth, comes as a blessing to many people.

We are sorry that a lot of you have been waiting to get appointments with us. It is not our aim to see a lot of people but not give them the kind of attention they need. It is our aim to meet patients in a way as to leave them satisfied with the results. It would be great if you schedule your appointment in advance. We want to meet you to make sure that you are fully satisfied with our services.

We are also sorry that we have not been able to get back to you after you have written to us or placed a call with us. Our staff has been inundated with calls and letters and it has been pretty hard for them to keep up with everything. Please give us some time and we will certainly get back to you. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We are also sorry that we don’t have clinics or branches in other cities. We hope that it will happen soon but we can’t say the date when it will materialise. For now at least, please visit us at our clinic in Mumbai.

Thanks a lot for placing your trust in us and in believing in us. We look forward to help you soon with the hair loss issue and any other problems you might be facing in a very satisfactory manner.


7 thoughts on “QR 678 Growth Factor Injections – What is new?

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  3. Dr i really want to get this treatment done but its impossible for me to hyderabad from bangalore each and every time. is there any way i can get these shots by any other doc here in bangalore or something. i m sick of taking Finpecia and Minoxidil 8-10 months and when i stop it i get back to square-one in 5-6 months. i m considering hair transplant at Advance Hair Studio opened here in bangalore as a last resort reluctantly and your new treatment is a last ray of hope for me. So, please please do find an alternative option for me here in my city.

  4. do you have qr678 treatment near kerala state. because I am from kerala. I would like to get the advantage of this treatment.
    thanking you,

    • Rathesh im from kerala. just nw i hrd abt ths tratmnt.. it is prity intrestng im also planing for this tratment. if u dont mind pls contct me. ma mobile number is 9995039049.

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  6. i have some queries about the hair growth factor would like to have a word with you and would like to know about the availability in delhi if possible.
    thanking you
    dr shivali sethi

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