High Cheek Bones, A Prominent chin & Beauty

How a Prominent Chin and High Cheek Bones are Emblem of Beauty

There is no doubt now that ‘facial symmetry’ distinguishes attraction and perfection in beauty and glamorousness. This important benchmark and few other aspects make a person look charming. Who doesn’t want to look attractive? Some of the most mentionable aspects in this regard are sharpness in the facial organs like a small nose, broad eyes, and of course, high cheekbones and a prominent chin.

In a few individuals, High cheekbones are extraordinarily outstanding as against others, bringing about the top piece of the cheeks being conspicuous. Thus they generate symmetry and this factor is very normal in fashion models being a ‘USP’ or ‘marvel quality’. The highness in cheekbones is a development which occurs with age and explicitly demonstrates that the lady having this rare trait is now mature and reproductive. However, the case is different for males; their maleness gets displayed in chin and a solid jaw. Males possessing high cheekbones display demonstrate abnormal testosterone.

Cheek Chin Augmentation

Fillers for Face Soft Tissue Enhancement


Chin Implants

Chin enhanced with Juvederm Voluma

We must have a look at some reliable procedures and treatments:

  • Soft tissue dermal fillers in form of filler injections are put in the soft tissues to fill the vacant volume in significant regions like chin, cheekbones and cheeks.
  • One of the newest filler is Juvederm Voluma which exclusively works to re-establish the requisite volume of tissues wherever it is needed. One cycle of Juvederm Voluma lasts around eighteen months. It is seen that aging leading to loss of facial volume, can also lead to instant and indefinable weight loss, or may result into other issues such as asymmetry or drooping facial features. All such issues can be effectively handled with Juvederm Voluma.
  • Surgical Methods to Augment Cheek & Chin: The need to emphasize cheek bones gets adequately addressed through cheek implants. This is a sort of plastic surgery in which implants, which are usually solid silicone, significantly enhance cheekbone projection. However, ePTFE which the expanded polytetrafluoroethylene or Medpor may also be used in the form of high-density porous polyethylene.

Malar and Submalar Implants: Both these are types of implants. Malar is an implant which influentially increases the prominence of cheeks and provides an enhanced contour, by encompassing all of cheek bone tissues. Purpose of submalar implant as an appendage to mid-face.

These two implants can also be used to meet the need for augmentation of mid-face and cheekbones entirely.

Cheek Implant Placement:

Surgeon makes incision in the upper gum line in the oral cavity to slowly slither the implant on requisite location. The process doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to augment each side and patient is completely okay in less than two weeks.

Cheek Implant

Malar (Cheek) Implant

Chin Implants and Chin Augmentation:

The need for increasing or reducing an individual’s chin size is determined through Genioplasty and Mentoplasty. The need to decrease chin height is met with Osteotomy while implants are used to augment the chin.

Particularly when performing the Nose cosmetic surgery Rhinoplasty, a surgeon may go with this procedure for ensuring an appropriate proportion in facial features. People possessing a ‘bird chin’ mostly need this. Neck largely blended into the neck is called microgenia and it predominantly effects the person’s appearance. In this, his or her nose also sounds bigger than usual and that is the reason procedure is needed. Process involved in chin enlargement is comparatively less complex and significant betterment is seen in a few days after the procedure is completed.

Cheek Implant

Cheek Implants Before & After (performed in a British National by Dr. Debraj Shome)

Chin Implant Procedure

Process begins by giving local anesthesia to the patient. Then the surgeon generates a pocket size space by slightly cutting a tiny portion in oral cavity to locate the spot for placement. Then the implant, which can be made from either of Dacron, Teflon or silicon, is tightened with screws at requisite area.

Precisely, there is a lot of significance of a prominent chin and high cheek bones in the attractiveness of a person’s face. Any issue regarding these might be by birth or due to some mishap later in life, however both chin and cheek bone augmentation remarkably work to improvise the patient’s looks and life.

Chin Implants

Chin Implant & Rhinoplasty performed in an Arabic patient by Dr. Debraj Shome



Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the top /  best plastic surgeons in India. A celebrity facial plastic plastic surgeon to many HollywoodBollywood, Page 3 celebrities, he is in Mumbai, India at Saifee Hospital, Nova Specialty Hospital & Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai. Internationally trained in the USA, UK, Germany and Singapore, Dr. Shome has received super-specialty training in facial plastic surgery,oculoplastic surgery, eyelid surgery, orbital and lacrimal surgery. He is one of the few Indian surgeons listed on Wikipedia.

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