Facial Scars & Keloids – Treatments & Cure

Most Dependable Treatment for Keloid Scar

What are Keloid scars?

When the process of healing skin wounds or injuries is too harsh, Keloid scars appear. People with a dusky tone are the best candidates to show Keloid scars. These scars can be so distressful that they can even hinder the person’s movements. This term Keloid has emerged from the Greek word ‘chele’ which means a crab’s scratch, which indicates the sideways development of a tissue in the untouched skin. It was brought up by Alibert in the early 19th century.

In addition to Keloid scars, few other scar types too exist. Hypertrophic scars are red in color and appear lifted but remain in the injury purview. Acne scars in pit form over forehead, face, back and different body parts. Contracture scars are a result of burned skin; their effect gets visible in the form of tightened skin making movements restricted. In harsher form, contracture scars may get deep and impinge on nerves and muscles.


Keloidal Scar

Reason behind scars

The ordinary recovery technique in human tissue results in a scar.

The scar signs and symptoms

Scars appear when tissues get spoilt and get visible in red to purple fiber like tissues.

Finest Scar Treatments

Scars are tough to treat. Cures for scar comprise of the following:

  • Scars can be treated through few over-the-counter drugs and with mild application of prescribed creams, gels and ointments when the scars are a result of injuries or wounds. Physician may also prescribe some specific antihistamine creams or steroids to soothe itchiness form scars.
  • To prevent scars from spreading and treat them entirely, doctors also use silicone gel or pressure treatment as they have negligible side-effect.
  • Recovery for Keloid scars can also be treated by wearing compression earrings round the clock. Scars are removed also with patches self-adhesive polyurethane patches.
Acne Scars

Acne Scars & Post Acne PigmentationAcne Scars Laser TreatmentLaser Resurfacing for Acne Scars

Best Medication for Keloids and Scars:

  • An injection called Interferon Alfa 2-b is used to significantly eliminate keloid scars. This in expert’s advice is better than steroids however is costlier. When injected, it may quite painful for the patient.
  • Another prescribed treatment is 5-fluorouracil which may be used blended with other prescriptions.
  • One of the renowned intralesional injections is Bleomycin can be useful in scar treatment.
  • Keloid scars can be effectively treated with steroid injections as well as with Intralesional Retinoid which considerably improve the condition.

Some of the possible side effects of the intralesional steroid injections may appear in the form of subcutaneous atrophy, Talengiesctasia and color alteration.

Video of patient being treated with W plasty by Dr. Debraj Shome:

How to Prevent Scars and Keloids:

  • People who have had precedence with Keloids or any other form of scars are most risked must take special care and preventive measures. Such individuals are advised not get their body pierced in any form and keep away from tattoos, as any sort incision unless medicinal can be harmful for them.
  • Acne can be a possible reason to lead to keloids. Hence acne should be treated early so that chances of scarring and lesions can be entirely evaded.
  • Surgery may be advised to cure Keloids. In that condition, it is best to prevent the keloid size enhancement and stop any spread of scarring. However, it is important that the patient is completely under expert’s supervision and is treated with surgical methods.

To conclude with, we can say that prevention from Keloids and all types of scars is the first and foremost step for everyone. In case scars appear in any form, highly reliable treatment is available which is conducted by dependable doctors. When various treatment combos get used, including prescribed drugs, the surgical process, laser treatment, etc, it is possible to entirely evade scars from the patient’s body.

Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the top /  best plastic surgeons in India. A celebrity facial plastic plastic surgeon to many HollywoodBollywood, Page 3 celebrities, he is in Mumbai, India at Saifee Hospital, Girgaon, Mumbai; Nova Specialty Hospital, Chembur, Mumbai & Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai. Internationally trained in the USA, UK, Germany and Singapore, Dr. Shome has received super-specialty training in facial plastic surgery,oculoplastic surgery, eyelid surgery, orbital and lacrimal surgery. He is one of the few Indian surgeons listed on Wikipedia.


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