Face Shape & Correlation with Beauty

Face Shape & Correlation with Beauty

The shape of a person’s face plays an indispensible role in determining the looks. Almost everyone has one of six basic face shapes; round, long, triangle, heart or inverted triangle, square and diamond shape.

While many of us do not observe the shape of our faces, many people do not like many characteristics of their faces. Awareness about one’s face shape can help make decisions about things like hairstyle and type of spectacles. To determine your face shape the following method can be adopted:-

Using a measuring tape, measure your forehead, cheekbones and jaw at the widest points. Then measure the length of your face from the hairline to the chin. The ratio of width to length will be 1:1.5 or 1:1 or 1:2.

Heart shape face is wide at the forehead and pointed at the chin. It resembles an inverted triangle. A square face has equal widths of forehead, cheekbones and jaw. The features on this type of face are sharp and angular. A round face has soft features with equal widths of forehead, jaw and cheekbones. The face cross ratio is 1 to 1. A diamond shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and the jaw line and forehead are of the same length. Long faces are longer than wide. In oval face shapes, the length is equal to one half times the width.

Face Shapes

Different Face Shape Types Human

Square face shape is considered to be the ideal face shape for men. A well defined jaw line and a sculpted chin are the markers of a manly face.

For women, oval face shape is considered to be the best. An oval face has the most balanced proportions and almost all styles of haircut and jewelry sits this face type.

How to accentuate the face shape?

Round facial features can be best accentuated with hairstyles that fall just below the chin or soft bob. On a square face, the hairstyles that soften the angular jaw line look the best. Blunt cut bangs should be avoided. An oval shape can carry off any hairstyle. The best feature of the face can be highlighted by different hairstyles. On heart shaped face choppy layers should be avoided. Triangular faces can be accentuated with short hair with lots of volume. A long face can be given the illusion of width by keeping the hair cut short and keeping the bangs side swept.


Face Shape Finder

Heart Shaped Face


how to determine face shape

Square Face Shape


Round Face Shape

Types of Face Shape


Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond Face Shape


Oblong Face Shape

Oblong Face Shape


Oval Face Shape

Oval Shape Face


Triangle Face Shape

Triangle Shaped Face

What type of spectacles should be worn?

For a round face, angular narrow eyeglass frames are suitable to lengthen the frame. Rectangular shaped frames are the best.  For an oval shaped face, walnut shaped frames that neither too deep nor too narrow are the best choice. For an oblong face, frames that have contrasting temples and which are deeper than wide are best suited. Rimless frames or oval and cat eye-shapes are the best option for a diamond dace shape.  To make a square face look longer and to soften the angles narrow frame styles and frames that have more width than depth should be used. Frames that are heavily accented with color and detailing on the top half are the best choice for triangular shaped face.

Changes in the face shape by surgery:-

Master is a muscle in the jaw area and an enlarged masseter lead to a square jaw line which can give masculine appearance to a woman’s face. Botox is used to effectively treat masseter hypertrophy to effectively change the shape of the face without any surgical trauma.

Derma fillers are used to add volume painlessly without surgery. So in cases where necessary, chin and cheeks can be augmented. Sometimes width can also be added to chin are to improve face profile for diamond shaped faces.

Extra fat from around face can be extracted to make the jaw 1line and chin more defined by VASER Liposuction.

The shape of a person’s face is the first step in understanding various aspects of beauty. Hairstyles, spectacles, makeup etc can be used in a better manner if a person has knowledge about the face shape and type.


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