Botox Injections Treatment – What to Expect!

What to expect from Botox injection treatments

Till a few years ago, everlasting beauty was considered to be a myth. But the slew of anti-aging lotions and potions would lead us to believe that the age of everlasting beauty has finally arrived! In the anti-aging beauty sector however, it is Botox that rules the roost. Botox injection treatments are the rage in a beauty-conscious society where you will always want to put your best face forward, age notwithstanding. So what can you expect from Botox injection treatments? Here are a few pointers to make it all easy for you.

  1. The Botulinum toxin is something that has been in use for the last five decades. Botox is a registered trademark and it is to Botulinum toxin what Xerox is to photocopying. There are many other manufacturers of the Botulinum toxin that are used for anti-aging treatments. You will be surprised to know that previously, this chemical was used for the treatment of squinting eyes and for people who were unable to keep the eyes open.
  2. If you have heard that Botox is used for the fading away of laugh lines on the face, you heard wrong information. For that purpose, filler injections are used. Botox is used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin. The most common areas of the face where it is used are the forehead and under and around the eyes.
  1. Another misconception that you can expect to hear is that Botox leads to a condition where the muscles of the face are paralysed which make people look like their faces are mask-like. The truth is that this is possible only if a huge amount of the toxin is used. Most good cosmetic practitioners will use only a limited amount of Botox which ensures that the person is not paralysed; rather she has limited use of the muscles on her face which allows her to show her facial expressions without any trouble. What is to be understood is that this is done so that the over-activity that has resulted in fine lines and wrinkles goes down. Botox injection treatments are not done to prevent people from expressing themselves but to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When the procedure is done properly, people will not notice anything other than the fact that your face appears more relaxed and happy.
  2. The procedure is performed at the exam table where the patient is asked to sit in an upright position after which a cleanser is applied on the face. After that, a local anaesthetic cream is applied to reduce any discomfort one may feel during the procedure. Then the Botox injection is given in the desired areas after which the patient will have to sit where she is for a few minutes to find out whether or not she feels comfortable.
  • You can expect your practitioner to tell you to use the facial muscles several times in the next few days after you get the procedure done. This will increase the efficacy of the injections.
  1. Botox injections for anti-aging purposes happen to be extremely safe. Risk factors are minimal and in case you do get flu-like symptoms or headaches after the procedure, they will not last for long.
  2. Within 3 to 10 days of getting the procedure done, you can expect to see the results. They may even happen sooner. The effects will last for months and in time, your facial muscle activity too will return to normal.

So if everlasting beauty is something you want, Botox may not be too far away from the mark!


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  12. Patients should know that BOTOX is not used to keep them from expressing themselves but simply to remove lines. When done correctly, people will not notice that a BOTOX procedure has been performed, but simply that the patient looks more rested or happier. Its good place to explain about Botox treatment.

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