Ptosis Eyelid Surgery in India

Eyelid Disorder Ptosis and its Treatment in India

Ptosis is a term achieved from the medical terminology Blepharoptosis which doctors identify as the upper eyelid droop. This condition defers vision for the patient as the eyelid drooping eyelid causes a hindrance to the pupil’s function. Droopy eyelids or Ptosis in newborns is known as congenital ptosis and may even appear in elderly years when it becomes senile “involutional” or “aponeurotic Ptosis. The condition may also be neurological or post-traumatic.

This is an abnormality in which the patient cannot retain open eyelids due to which he or she has to either raise the eyebrow to ensure that eyelid opens to the fullest or use finger to lift the eyelid. Severity of the condition can be understood in children who are likely to face delayed growth as a result of the lazy eye syndrome named Amblyopia.

Treatment of Ptosis calls for surgery which more often than not is reconstructive. However, the condition has close connection with cosmetic factors, eyes being extremely important in one’s social life. Slightest variation in the eyelid’s measurement can entirely disrupt a person’s facial appearance. That is the reason it is important to get this issue checked by a reliable Oculoplastic surgeon who knows Ptosis inside out and experienced with the surgical process.

Droopy Eyelid

Left eye ptosis – Notice the forehead wrinkles from unconsciously trying to lift the left eyelid up, to improve the field of vision

Ptosis – Causes:

Maturing age in people can lead to a feeble opening of upper eyelid, also known as levator palpebrae superioris. There is a special mention about LASIK or the cataract operation post which Ptosis may appear. It may also be an inborn flaw, traumatic situation and neurological disorder.

Surgery is an answer to Ptosis in which the surgeon lifts the eyelid by tightening the levator muscle. The weak gone levator muscle, in congenital cases or in extreme conditions, gets corrected by ‘sling’ operation – the process of facilitating forehead muscles for the eyelid lift. Surgeon may use an artificial silicone like material to append the eyelids with brow muscles.

Other less severe cases of Blepharoptosis, the surgeon may operate the eyelid’s conjunctival part, interior of lid. A small test may be needed to determine the correction needed. Prime objective of this surgery is to enhance the eyelid’s vision for fuller view and acquire equilibrium in both eyelids.

This being a serious condition associated from medicinal and cosmetic viewpoint, patients of Ptosis must get their situation checked only by an expert – be it for the reconstructive facial surgery or the cosmetic one. An oculoplastic surgeon or specialist is proficient with operating eyelids, tear drain system and also the orbit. Oculoplastic surgeons, enormously skilled in the plastic surgery as well as eye surgery or ophthalmology, are best suited in this case as they can adequately take care of both cosmetic and functional prospects of eyelid.

Video of Ptosis Surgery of multiple patients, by Dr. Debraj Shome, Oculoplastic & Facial Plastic Surgeon:

Best Oculoplastic Surgery in India

Many top educational institutes of India conduct dedicated fellowship programs on Oculoplasty in which young surgeons broad learn the subject. Earlier, only the general plastic surgeons conducted orbital and eyelid surgeries but the scenario has entirely changed now. You can meet professional and an experienced Oculoplastic surgeon who takes care of conditions related to and even does surgery of – eyelid, lacrimal, mid-face issues and the brow.

An incredible mix of cost-effectiveness and expertise can be had when you are at the popularly known oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Debraj Shome. The expert based in Mumbai has acquired high level Oculoplastic training and specializes in variety of surgeries such as cosmetic, lacrimal, orbital, eyelid and of course, facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Shome has successfully treated many patients in India and abroad. He has a long list of surgeries conducted for variety of conditions. As a result of his adroit surgeries and long time expertise, patients travel from far off places to have their Ptosis condition examined and operated if needed.


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