Rhinoplasty / Nose Reshaping Surgery – What you should know/ expect.

Expectations from and Information about the Nose Reshaping Surgery – Rhinoplasty

If you are one of those thousands of men and women who wonder is Rhinoplasty best for them, is it worth spending money on it or is it possible to have Rhinoplasty done in India, you will find answers to all your questions in the following post.

What is Rhinoplasty and how is it possible to get it?

Many times, human nose is in a deformed shape because of genetic reasons, some disease, or a traumatic instance. This nose deformity can be unaesthetic on the face often leading to the person’s distress and becoming a cause of inferiority. The nose deformity can be corrected through Rhinoplasty – a nose reconstructive surgery. In the process, the surgeon may remove small nasal portion so as to make it more symmetrical and enhance the person’s facial aesthetics.

In expert’s opinion, this is one of the toughest surgeries for any plastic surgeon. This is because it is not only complex but it is also linked with the surgeon’s expertise and reputation. The challenge of correcting a nose deformity is extensive given the fact that noses enormously vary in terms of shape, size and concurrence with the face. So the surgeon has to fix it not from the beauty perspective but with how best it complements with the person’s face.

Rhinoplasty should be sought from an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. With many specialists now available in India, it is possible to get it done here and best, quite economically.

Right age for Rhinoplasty

When the nose is fully grown and the person already acquired adulthood, he or she is best candidate for Rhinoplasty. A nose deformity can well appear in the childhood but the Rhinoplaty is not advisable before at least the person has crossed teens.

Rhinoplasty – Consultation and Advice

An initial consultation with the Rhinoplasty surgeon and expert is very important. During consultation, the expert examines the case considering factors like complete facial appearance and bone structure, and takes view of how to correct the nose so that it best enhances the aesthetic of face. So in Rhinoplasty, there are no “tailor-cut” noses to fit everyone.

Patients, who got unrealistic expectations from the patient, or got a case in which surgery may not help much, may be denied the procedure.

The Rhinoplasty Process

The process begins with local or general anesthesia as the case may be. The surgery may go on anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes.

Nose bone may be broken and sculpted for better rearranging and providing it the requisite shape; this gets done with the help of special surgical tools. Before the surgery begins, incision is required and it is removed post-surgery.

The patient is kept under observation for a couple hours and when found okay, he gets discharged. However, it takes two to three days time for the incised packing to come out.

How long does it take to remove the cast

Cast removal takes place after seven days and this can be a painful process in itself. The patient has to bear with the stiff feeling inside the nose in upper region as the area a swollen for time being. Amongst few significant precautions the patient is asked to take special care of his nose from any bump or hit because the bone inside is susceptible to break as it is still not very solid. The nose is fully in its shape and is completely set only after two months after the surgery.

Can I expect instant results from Rhinoplasty?

Initially, the nose is swollen for around a week after Rhinoplasty. This swell slowly diminishes of its own when cast is taken out. Majority of swelling has settled in around 14 days but the rest of it disappears very slowly and it may take two to two and a half months. The swell may cause difficulty in breathing.

The nose looks fine after one month to others but only you know and feel that it is still swollen. However, you can also start noticing a refined appearance of nose and it’s completely shape appears in about one year.

Are there any hazards involved?

Usually, it is a safe procedure barring few hazards. A Rhinoplasty operated person may be prone to infection as also may bleed or face a side-effect of anesthesia. Ability to smell can remain hampered for a short span of time. In some rarest of cases, this situation does not recover, but mostly it does! The nose also may drip for many weeks and some bruises or red marks may remain on nose, temporarily or forever.

Precisely, Rhinoplasty is a specialized surgery and needs to be done only through an expert.

To see videos on rhinoplasty/ nose job surgery by Dr. Debraj Shome, plese clck below:

14 thoughts on “Rhinoplasty / Nose Reshaping Surgery – What you should know/ expect.

  1. Hello sir,my name is Amit saini,I’m from kurukshetra(haryana)..I want to have rhinoplasty,because I feel that my nose is not in proper shape according to my face structure,but after reading your blog,I’m little bit scared,because I’m going to get married in 2015,January 21st..I’m very conscious and concerned with this.will you please help Me with this that what should I do,,kindly give me the information best of your knowledge,,I shall be very thankful to you..

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your message.

      Dr. Debraj Shome is amongst the most respected and renowned plastic surgeons in the world. Here is more information on him:


      Here is a video demonstrating rhinoplasty surgery in patients:

      To provide you a cost estimate, we need to analyze your nose and face 1st. You may pls send us photos, on email to debrajshome@gmail.com. Or, contact Supriya on 9004671379 to schedule an appointment.

      Dr. Akshay Mhatre.

      Manager to The Esthetic Clinics.

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  6. Nice article,I would like to share some more information about Nose Reshaping and its procedure.It is clear that Dr. Debraj Shome is amongst the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world.

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  9. Very informative page. Everything you need to know about rhinoplasty has been answered here. Thanks for this.

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