The Most Beautiful Women – What Makes People Good Looking?

Do you know the secret to look Good Always?

Every being has this one wish – to look attractive always! But the question is what the secret to attain an everlasting charm on face is? This article probes into the subject and shows some practical advices about staying charming always.

Factors responsible for one’s beauty

Beauty or glamour get explicitly depend upon three factors: Facial symmetry in terms of individual structure, shape and size, balance in shape and size of the face and charm, which exhibits in the person’s sexual dimorphism. We may want to believe that to appear awesome, the attributes of our face must be unusually striking. In contrast, the point we are trying to make here is that better looking people are those with ‘average’ looks. By average, we mean facial features which are averagely good, and not those in which eyebrows are uneven, nose exceptionally round, or eyes extra broad.

Experts also say that genes are behind the looks of a person and that is the reason our mind starts perceiving a particular person’s family through his or her average or below average looks. ‘Average’ faces are generally symmetrical and this according to cosmeticians and plastic surgeons is the measure which can either emphasize a person’s looks or spoil it. So symmetry and averageness together create the attraction or charm or beauty of a person.

What is Sexual Dimorphism and how it determines beauty or handsomeness

In addition to the two measures of beauty we discussed above, Sexual Dimorphism is the third one. This primarily means Femininity or Masculinity in a person’s face. Men organically possess those hormones which develop small eyes, large nose, facial hair, and obvious cheekbones and jaw-lines. Women’s beauty and facial features are governed by Oestrogen which develops round cheekbones, raised eyebrows, small nose, plump lips and oval shape.

Beautiful Eyes Face

The Dimensions of a Beautiful Face

Estrogen plays a wider role than this in women. It is also responsible for fat accumulation in their chest area, in the hip region and on thighs. Breasts hold a special significance in terms of women’s beauty and therefore bigger breasts are one important feature of their attractiveness.

Some more facts when studying secrets of good looking are worth a view:

  • Facial wrinkles is the last thing a woman would like to see on her face, but an amazing revelation in this respect says that men who are born to a mother in maturing age, precisely 30 or so, in all probability inclines towards older or mature women. So it is in case of women and their attraction quotient towards men.
  • For females, heels can create a sensation. This is because heels refine your walk by providing you an upright posture and providing an attractive tension on the shins and calves. When wearing heels, a woman’s bottom naturally protrudes and back arches.

But experts also add that women should wisely choose heels so as to adequately fit their legs. If it is not done so, the look of their legs, posture, walk and the charm – all gets spoiled. To measure the heel height correct, they advice heel length of around 3 to 3.5 inches would best fit that for a woman who is 5’4” to 5’8” in height.

  • A woman is considered sexually attractive particularly when the waist-to-hip ratio in her physique is ideal. When the waist is 7/10th of the hips’ width or thickness, the woman is said to possess a “golden ratio”.
  • Men with a tall stature measuring 6 feet or above are perceived as brilliant, a good leader and possessing a dominant persona.

Conclusively, we can say that appear beautiful or handsome is a blend of art and science. Many facets responsible for the beauty or handsomeness in people come through genes i.e. are by birth. However, implementing few expert tips, it is possible to look good every time, everywhere!


Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the top/ best facial plastic surgeons & rhinoplasty surgeons in the world and currently practices in Mumbai, India. Internationally trained in the USA, UK, Germany and Singapore, Dr. Shome has received super-specialty training in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery, eyelid surgery, orbital and lacrimal surgery. He is one of the few Indian surgeons listed on Wikipedia.

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