Dry Eyes, Computer Vision Syndrome & Eyelid Hygiene

Dry eyes: What to do if you have them?

How often do you clean your eyes? How do you relax your eyes after staring at the computer screen for a long time? If you are a woman, how do you apply your eyeliner and remove it? The answer to these questions may reveal whether or not you suffer from dry eyes. Read on to know more about dry eyes, eyelid hygiene and much more!

Dry eyes and eye makeup

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Most women love applying eye makeup to create the illusion of bigger and more beautiful eyes. There is a huge variety of eye makeup available and the trick is to make sure that not only does one select the right ones, but also that she applies them correctly and removes them in the right manner. Proper hygiene maintenance is very important when it comes to eye makeup. When eye makeup is not done properly, residue may build up causing symptoms of dry eyes. Also, when makeup is removed and the tear film gets exposed to oily matter and exposed particles, it may lead to other problems. When makeup is not removed properly from the eyes, the ability of the meibomian glands to protect the tear film may be hampered. So whether one uses mascara or kohl, if the functioning of the meibomian glands gets hampered, it is common for dry eye syndrome to occur. All this can lead to a situation where the eyes feel uncomfortable. It is very important for women to know that letting eye makeup just go away by itself is very wrong because that may not remove the makeup particles properly. Using good-quality makeup is also essential to reduce the chances of infection from happening. Here are some basic eye makeup tips to remember:

Tears Eye

Layers of the tear film on the eye (cross-sectional view)

Watering Eyes

Tear Production in Human Eye

  • When you are shopping, make sure that you buy only non-waterproof eye makeup. This is because waterproof varieties are very difficult to remove without the use of heavy-duty removers.
  • Whether it is eye foundation or eye shadow, avoiding a ‘scatter’ method to apply it to the eyes is a good idea. The particles in these products are so minuscule and tiny that they may lodge themselves in areas where they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Also, you may not even be aware of where they are lodged but you may well feel uncomfortable.
  • Light makeup is the best thing to use if you happen to wear it regularly. It is also easier to clean off. You can just use plain water with your cleanser and use it to take off the makeup. Doing it before going to bed is a good idea because it will prepare your eyes for a night-time of good sleep.
  • Creamy eye shadows and foundations are good for your eyes but make sure that you avoid putting them at the very edge of the lid. This gives them the chance to migrate easily to the eyes.
  • The best way to remove eye makeup without causing damage to the eyes is to use a tear-free baby shampoo. It will prevent your eyes from getting dried up.
Eyelid Margin

Cleaning Eyelid Margin

Eyelid Scrub

Scrubbing Eyelid margin with Cotton Bud & Baby Shampoo

Treating dry eyes

Here are some tips to follow if you have dry eyes.

  • Clean the margin of the eyelid twice a day with baby shampoo and a cotton bud. This should continue for at least a month to 6 weeks.
  • Next, dry heat needs to be applied. For this, heat a pan with salt in it. Then, put the salt in a clean cloth pouch and apply this to each of the eyelids for 10 minutes.

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