Watery Eyes Treatment: Blocked Tear Duct Surgery

Watery Eyes Syndrome: Causes, symptoms and treatment
The watery eyes syndrome is a condition that can affect anyone: from babies to adults. It is usually characterised by eyes that water most of the time. The function of tears is to provide lubricant to the eyes and also to remove any foreign particles that may be lodged inside. But if there is excessive production of tears in the eyes, the result may be watery eyes or the drainage system of tears can be affected. It is true that this is a syndrome that is usually not harmless, but it can be very irritating. The good news is that most of the cases can be treated in a simple manner. However in some severe cases, there may be the need for a simple surgical procedure.

Nasolacrimal Duct

Tear Drainage Apparatus

Normal Tears – How do they Drain from the Eyes?

Tears Drainage

Normal Tear Drainage Mechanism

Symptoms of watery eyes

The first and most important symptom of watery eyes is excessive watering of the eyes. It may seem like the patent is constantly crying. It may also give the eyes a kind of a glassy look. It is important to remember that excessive tears may be due to a foreign particle being lodged in the eye or in environments that are extremely windy or cold or both. But it is also essential to know that if one faces such a symptom constantly or excessively, it is better to go to a doctor. There may be more than one reason why such a symptom is being caused.


Water eyes: Reasons why it happens

If you or a loved one faces this syndrome, it is normal to be interested to know why this is happening. Here are the common reasons why.

  • Bad tear drainage: Excessive tears may occur when the tear drainage system of the eyes is not functioning properly. If it is not able to drain away the normal amount of tears the eyes produce, there may be problems with its drainage. The tear duct may be a non-functioning one or lax eyelids may be reason why the drainage system is not functioning properly. Whatever it is, the good news is that in most cases such problems usually go away when the right medicines are given to the patient.
  • Too many: The problem of too many tears may also be a reason why watery eyes are caused. This is something that may be caused by one or more reasons like allergies, eyelids or eyelash problems. An odd thing is that the dry eye syndrome may be reason why the eyes sometimes become too watery. In its bid to combat the dryness, the eyes may start producing more tears than is normal.
External DCR

External DCR Scar


Endoscopic DCR

Endonasal Endoscopic DCR

Treatments available

  • External Dacryocystorhinostomy(DCR) Surgery: This is a surgical procedure with high levels of success and in today’s times, the post-surgical care is so easy that going for it may be a great idea. Of course, your doctor has to be consulted first. The pros of going for this surgery are that there is the highest chance of success and the fact that watery eyes are treated in up to 96% of the cases in just one attempt, which is great. The only con that can be found is that this surgery may leave a scar on the patient’s face.
  • Medicines: There may well be no need for patients of watery eyes to undergo surgery at all if the case is not severe and has not affected one’s daily life. Medicines can well do the trick.

In case you decide to go for surgery, it is important that you spend time and effort to find out where you can find a good oculoplastic surgeon.

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