QR 678 – Side Effects?

The QR 678: A few things to know about it

If you are trying to arrest hair loss or want to grow back hair on the scalp, your research may have led you to QR 678. So what it is? Is it safe? What are the side effects? These are questions that may have arisen in your mind. Read on to find out more about the QR 678.

  1. The QR 678 is a naturally occurring growth factor in the human body. It occurs naturally on the scalp and promotes the growth of hair. In breakthrough advancement in medical technology, the growth factors which are responsible for the growth of hair on the scalp have been identified. After that, they have been prepared using genetic engineering that can be used safely for cosmetic purposes. QR 678 is the product that has been come up with and the good news is that it has initially been tested on 750 human beings chosen randomly. In the clinical trial, the participants were injected with the QR 678 on the skin of their scalp.
  1. If you are going to go for the QR 678 injections to treat the loss of hair on your scalp, it should make you happy that you will be injected with a material that is already present in your body. All that will be done is that the growth factors which may have got depleted are replenished back to ensure that hair growth happens again.
  1. If you are wondering what ‘’growth factors’’ imply, let it be known that it is a common question that good doctors expect from their patients. Growth factors are nothing other than proteins. As you know, a major part of your body is made of protein in its various forms. That is why growth factors are in their protein form as well.
  1. A lot of people are scared of needles and injections. That is why it is a good thing that with the QR 678 injections, you don’t have anything to worry about since the injection will be given to just the superficial area of your scalp. The injected substance will never cross the barrier of your skin and thereby in no way is it going to enter your blood stream. This is another one of the reasons why you don’t have anything to worry about when you choose this to cure your hair loss problem.
  1. As with most other cosmetic procedures, this one too has some risk factors. But the truth is that the risk factors are so few and so rare that they can easily be ignored. The same thing cannot be said for procedures such as Rhinoplasty or other reconstructive cosmetic surgery. The only side effect that you should know of is mild infection and that too if you have a severe case of dandruff. That is why it is a good thing if you cure your dandruff problem before you go for this procedure. What’s more, even if in case a scalp infection occurs, it can be treated without any trouble with antibiotics taken orally. Other than this minor risk, there is no other factor you have to be concerned about.


If hair loss is making you lose your confidence, it may be the right time to take some constructive step. QR 678 is something a lot of people have got positive results from and so there is really no reason why the same thing won’t happen to you. Re-growing your hair with naturally occurring substances is really a lot better than using synthetic ones. Of course, use your discretion in finding a good clinic to get it done.


12 thoughts on “QR 678 – Side Effects?

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  2. plz mail me the details where to get it done from as its extremely important and in next 6 months i am getting married …plz help..i have a slight hair loss from both front sides n a minute loss in the middle of the head…my email is ricky20901@yahoo.com

  3. sir,
    I live in Delhi and i am suffering from hair fall. I want to fix an appointment.could u pls give me your contact address and phone no. for the same.

    thank you

  4. I am working near Rameswaram at Tamil Nadu. I am suffering from fast receeding hairline!!. Is it possible to get your treatment in Chennai or Madurai? Do you have a clinic at Chennai?
    kindly reply

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  6. sir,i wish to get an appointment with you.i am 48,suffering from alopecia areata,which i think is progressing to totalis.i am a doctor practising in kanpur.

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