Facial Plastic Surgery In India

All worth Knowing about Facial Plastic Surgery In India

Human beings possess an inherent urge to always look good and be the centre of attraction. But this urge is in its extended form when people want to get an enchanting look without any elaborate makeover. This inclination became an inspirational factor for Dr. Debraj Shome who today has a fully operational plastic surgery centre in Mumbai.

It is common to see Mumbai’s listed men and women, like celebrities, entrepreneurs, icons, etc, getting facial plastic surgery done and the concept isn’t fresh now in the country. It is already taken up well and looking to the present day lifestyle, inclination towards it expected to grow.

If you too are feeling a need for facial plastic surgery, you definitely have one or more worries out of the following:

  • You face is fast showing your maturing age.
  • Your facial aspects are not satisfactory.
  • Wrinkling effect on the face is the reason of your diffidence.
  • You got a medical condition which is showing acne on face.
  • Some past calamity led to facial scars which are your concern.

Dr. Shome has been recurrently working in this stream for over 15 years and has significantly contributed to the medical world during this period with his expertise and experience. For his work, leading media agency Network 7 has honored him with the “Most Promising Face in Facial Plastic Surgery”. His recognition specially highlights his specialized services in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, along with Facial Plastic Surgery. Selection of Dr. Shome for this recognition came after balloting done by a panel of topnotch industry geeks. This award also recognizes the quality of his services such as – outstanding attention for best results and most assuring results.

The facial plastic surgery expert now has a noted and dedicated clinic and further, has a chain of centers through the country with the name – The Esthetics Clinics! These centers have become a noteworthy spot for the unique marvels of plastic surgery arena which take place here. At these Plastic Surgery centers, people having suffered some accidents receive corrective surgeries as well, in addition to getting enchanting looks. Dr. Shome is renowned to have successfully cured many tough and nearly impractical cases of facial corrective procedures and face uplift.

Whether you want to upgrade your facial appearance, want to defy aging, wish to get rid of facial scars appearing there because of some previous mishap, or want to recover something else, all answers to your questions are available at the Esthetic Clinic.

Precisely speaking, Dr. Shome has become an expert who changes people’s life for better. To incorporate such a life altering change, he has raised a sophisticated clinic which is fully equipped with advanced devices and arrangements. This certainly is in addition to his years of experience and long time expertise in facial plastic surgery. As a result, Dr. Shome has recurrently been adding value to the life of men and women and bringing smiles on many faces.

A number of burn cases have been successfully handled by Dr. Debraj and few them were beyond hopes. Dr. Shome and his team not only helped such patients gain their lost hope but also in completely recovering to enjoy a normal face – regardless of the intensity of tragedy that led to their facial distortion.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures being carried at Dr. Shome’s The Esthetic Clinic:

  • Oculoplastic Surgery, in which Reconstructive surgery is conducted to restore forehead, eyelid, and orbit facial tissues and periorbital.
  • Reconstructive surgery to restructure facial bone, eliminate skin scars and align disfigurement.
  • Rhinoplasty, in which nose is reshaped for better look.
  • Fat Fillers Botox injection process for avoiding maturing signals
  • Cheek and Chin Implant, in which chin or cheek balancing is attained through augmentation.
  • Dermal Fillers to achieve smooth skin luster and evade wrinkles through injections.

Dr. Shome’s expert services are just a call away from you!




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