Chin – What Role Does it Play in Facial Aesthetics?

Significance of Chin in an individual’s Facial Aesthetics

Facial balance is a prime assessment of its charm or appeal. However a lot of other aspects are responsible behind the charm or appeal of a face and to make heads turn or make an impressive first impression. To acquire such good looks, men and women try all sorts of things – right from beauty creams to cosmetic treatments and even plastic surgery! It is significant to note here that some particular parts of our face are decisive in making it beautiful or handsome. As per experts, attractiveness is prompted by tapering chin, broad sizeable eyes, small nose and high cheek bones. They provide the sharpness desired for making one look charming.

However, beauty is never comes wrapped as a package. Also, not every handsome or beautiful individual owns a photogenic face. Under all these considerations, when an individual wants to enhance his or her looks, involvement of cosmetic experts, such as a surgeon, becomes vital.

Faces that Identify Male and Female Fascination

Most gorgeous females are those who possess an oval face as it provides them the desired feminism and enchantment.

Most fascinating men possess an angular jaw-line and clear sharp chin to get them a square face. Evidently, they get the masculine look to become attractive.

Best Treatment for Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation – Pre & Post Treatment

Significance of Chin Relative to Nose:

The chin measurements have to be proportionate to the nostril size, so that facial equilibrium and proportion can be maintained.

The Weak Chin:

This maybe not an exact expression but is rather a non-literal one. It’s literally nothing but a seriously anticipating and hard noticeable characteristic through the primary jaw bone. Moreover as legitimately expressed, an all the more capable and bigger jaw is connected with high measures of masculinity and testosterone.

Precise method to cure the “Weak Chin”

Bunch of treatment options are accessible today from the perspective of managing a ‘weak chin. They are point out below:

  • Mentoplasty, in which chin is treated with a surgical plastic material. The process is also identified chinplasty or genioplasty.
  • Mentoplasty is a name extracted from Mentum for Chin – a Latin expression, and from Plassein for formation or shaping, is Greek.

Mentoplasty is incorporated when:

  • Chin is uneven against the other features of face.
  • Chin abnormalities are required to be corrected because of the jaw bone deformity.
  • People go for sex or gender change surgery and want appropriate correction in chin and jawline as required in case of being a man or woman.

Pre and Post Treatment for Chin Augmentation


For chin enhancement, the surgeon initially makes a cut inside lips or below the chin. This is where he can requisitely extend the structure; further he spots the location for implant. The implant is available today in a broad assortment of sizes, forms and dimensions and looks very natural, just as the original one existing in chin. It is also possible to get custom adjustment of the implant as per patients facial structure and dimensions.

Once implanted, the surgeon shuts the cut with sharp sutures and it is so skillfully done that in most cases, the wound mark is hardly noticeable.

For chin reduction, the surgeon creates cuts beneath chin as well as in lips. Further, the expert acquires a gratifying structure by finely carving the bone tissues. This procedure lasts not less than three hours because in this surgery, surgeon has to relocate the facial bones through the cut within lips.

Voluma is the name of that chin filler which is particularly produced for occupying those facial parts where it is extinct. Chin, cheekbones and cheeks are some predominant areas for its filling.

Chin Enhancement Treatment India

Chin Enhancement – Pre & Post treatment

Information about Chin Implants

Chin Implants in different sizes, dimensions and forms are available for varying jaw sizes and for facilitating the need to enlarge points of jaw. The requirement may well be on client’s insistence – as some may want a better jaw line whereas others may look for a chin prominence or even both.

Silastic implants which are the hardened silicone polymer, ePTFE which is Gore-Tex or extended polytetrafluoroethylene and Medpor which are the high thickness permeable polyethylene are some prime implants used for Chin Enhancement before and after the treatment.

Orthognathic Surgical treatment:

At times, a jaw surgery is required to straighten the jaw, or a reconstructive surgery for a more convenient movement of teeth and jaws. This is done through Orthodontic surgical treatment. This procedure facilitates the following:

  • Repositions the uneven jaw
  • Enhances appearance of the face
  • Betters jaw operation
  • Assures appropriate teeth meeting
  • Eliminates the upper / lower jaw instability

Precisely, chin has a significant role in view of the face’s equilibrium and firmness. Individuals evidently get an enhanced appearance when they get high cheek bones and prominent chin. This being a specialized treatment, one must consult only an expert before going for a surgical process or other treatment.


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