Platysmaplasty & Neck lift – For A Tighter Neck

Many a times people fail to give much attention to the appearance of their neck; nevertheless, the neck is one of the first parts of the face that starts to age early. Furthermore, extreme weight loss or damage due to sunlight may also cause the skin on the neck to look sagging, loose and aged. In general, people tend to neglect the way their neck appears, in contrast to their facial skin appearance. If there is extra fat or skin hanging loose on your neck, or it looks sagging or aged; you should resort to a treatment like Neck lift surgery. Only a well qualified Facial Plastic Surgeon can perform a neck lift surgery, and help you in achieving a slim, smooth, young-looking neck.

If you want to deceive people into thinking you have lost a lot of weight, neck lift surgery is the right option for you! Majority of the times, people won’t even realize that your neck muscles, skin or fat have been altered with surgery if you undergo a neck lift.

Who is an ideal candidate for Neck lift?

Ideal candidates for a neck lift include those individuals (males or females), who are in the age group of 40-80 years and wish to correct one or more of the following:

  • Turkey wattle neck – slack, loose neck skin
  • Sun damaged or wind damaged neck skin
  • Double or triple chin – fat under the skin
  • Jowls – fat or excessive skin under the jaws
  • Excess neck fat or neck skin

Types of Neck lift surgery:

A Neck lift generally consists of the following procedures that are used to boost the appearance of your neck:

  • Cervicoplasty – the procedure which helps in getting rid of excess skin.
  • Platysmaplasty – removes or modifies neck muscles.

Neck lift is a major, invasive procedure. Patients should be well prepared to make certain adjustments in their daily lifestyle in the weeks prior to undergoing the procedure. Oily, sugary, excessively fatty foods, NSAIDS such as aspirin, ibuprofen intake, alcohol, should be restricted. Chronic smokers should stop smoking prior to the week of undergoing surgery, as tobacco consumption may hamper the process of healing.

Best Treatment for a Neck Lift surgery in Mumbai

Is a Neck lift for you?

A neck lift is performed in an attempt to tighten the excess skin from the neck so as to diminish sagging and wrinkling. Some fat may be eliminated and underlying connective tissue and muscles are tightened. This region is then addressed with a facelift.

Following significant factors need to be discussed with your surgeon before undergoing surgery. They include:

  • Type of skin
  • Clinical history
  • Ethnic background
  • Structure of your bones – jaw as well as the structures below it, in the neck
  • Degree of skin elasticity
  • Individual rate of healing

Procedure for surgery:

  • The procedure generally takes about 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Majority of patients require only local anesthesia along with a sedative, while a few patients opt for general anesthesia as they wish to be totally unconscious at the time of surgery.
  • In some patients desired results can be obtained through a simple liposuction procedure, which consists of removing excessive fat from the neck. Removal of excess skin and fat combined with restructuring and tightening of the underlying muscles gives more substantial results.
  • Often times, Neck lift surgery is performed in combination with other facial surgeries, like face lift, mid face lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, facial implants, etc.
  • When you have a loose neck or weakened neck muscles, it results into a “turkey wattle” or appearance of neck “bands”.

Best Neck Lift Treatment Mumbai

Platysmaplasty surgery can correct this turkey wattle appearance. In this procedure, cuts are made below your chin and/or behind your ears so that the surgeon can access the neck muscle (platysma) and work on it skilfully. Sometimes this may even need removal of some muscle. The surgeon may then hold the tissue in place with the help of permanent sutures.

 Botox injections can be used along with surgery. These with or without the surgery may help in relaxing the neck muscle (platysma) that is causing the appearance of “Platysmal bands” and fullness. The procedure is completed within 15 minutes and it can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Recovery from a neck lift:

Patients may take about 10-14 days to recover. Patients can resume to their work in about 1-2 weeks after the surgery.

Even after returning to work, patients need to be extremely careful. They should limit any physical, strenuous activities, like, sports or weight lifting, for a few weeks.

Bruising and swelling within a few days of the surgery, is very common.

The results are acquired after a considerable amount of time after the surgery. It usually takes about 6 months to achieve optimal results.

In summary, a neck lift CANNOT stop you from ageing; it can only help your face to look its best. It can impart a more fresh, healthy and youthful look to your face. What is more beneficial is that, you start feeling even more confident!


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