Nail Art & Manicures Damage Your Nails

Nail Art & Manicures Damage Your Nails

Going to a nail salon is the new ‘in’ thing in the world of fashion. Not only celebrities but common people also are increasingly becoming regulars at nail salons. But nail salons can be quite dangerous. Yes, that is true. People are unaware that their nails can be ruined permanently due to various treatments. The maintenance and hygiene levels of these salons also pose questions.

Clean and good looking nails can add more charm to one’s personality. Both men and women today are becoming increasingly conscious and go for regular pedicures and manicures. But modern treatments are not conducive to nail health and the biggest cause of the problem are the acrylic nails as they cause the nails to break or chip and make appear jagged.


French Manicure

Stylists in nail salons are successful in persuading women to get artificial manicures. The artificial manicures look good and eliminate the need of painting the nails. Therefore women are attracted to the convenience and the charm of good looking nails. But what women don’t realize is that removing theses nails is the hard part of the process. The nail glue can be removed by sanding with a special file. Unfortunately most nail salons use a normal file to remove the acrylic glue and chances of mishap are high.

In novel manicures traditional polish can be applied. Although a shiny look can be achieved but the nails become brittle and chipped. OPI Axxium or Shellac treatment can cause damage.

The gel which is used in nail colors is hardened by ultraviolet light. Although women find the shiny nails very appealing, the major cause of the concern is exposure to UV light. Research in the year 2009-10 has shown that some women without any previous history of cancer got tumors on their hands because of exposure to ultraviolet light.  The chances of cancer are very high in white women as well as women from Middle East, India, South America etc.

Nail Diseases

Damaged Nails


Regardless of the end result these nails give, the process involves filling and scraping which may destroy the nails permanently. Instruments used to give manicures are not sterilized and the chances of transmission of bacteria and viruses are very high. Also hardeners and varnishes contain formaldehyde which increases the chances of allergies.

Although the nails look hard, but they are prone to breakage and require care.  While many people will still go out to get manicures, it is best to be aware about the repercussion of such beauty treatments. Simple nail paints are the best option to add shine and beauty to the nails.


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