Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Freckles, Dark Spots Best Treatment

Most Influential and Reliable Cure for Freckles, Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots, Melasma

If you see some blemishes, as some black spots on your skin, this may be a symptom of Hyperpigmentation. The spots may be either melasma, freckles, liver / sun spots, under eye circles or pregnancy mask, their common indication is increase Hyperpigmentation. Gladly, proven cure exists for removal or reduction of the darkened skin. Hyperpigmentation is the result of melanin which when increases and deposits over the skin, the skin at certain portions appears darker than the rest.

Skin parts that are most exposed to sunlight, as hands, arms or face, are most prone to Hyperpigmentation, or Dyschromia. The sunspots, known as freckles and quite common in individuals, are caused because of excess exposure to sunlight. People living in tropical regions are highly inclined to freckles because sunrays are harsher here than elsewhere.

Pigmented skin, which is seen spread over the face, is understood to be Melasma. To examine Melasma and Hyperpigmentation, experts take out a small portion of skin from that area and probe under a magnifier.

What aspects lead to Skin Pigmentation / Hyperpigmentation Enhancement

Barring the appearance or cosmetic excuses, enhancement of skin pigmentation or Hyperpigmentation is usually undisruptive and is considered usual. The condition is beyond normal only when – either melanocytes become hyperactive or their concentration is severely enhanced. Most people possess a normal melanin production when exposed to sun but they may become a ‘condition’ in case of people from African, Mediterranean or African ethnicity or the Latinos. Some of the commonest reasons behind Hyperpigmentation can be hereditary and hormonal alterations. However, they may also be excessive exposure to sun, botched skin treatments or acne.

  • Freckles are of different types. When they are in numbers, experts call them lengigenes while a single freckle is called Lentigo. For freckles appearing due to exposure to sunlight, they call solar lentigenes.
  • Some hormonal alterations naturally occur in pregnancy and the effect of these alterations can get visible in the form of pigments on face giving impression of a mask. This is known as Pregnancy Mask, also known as Melasma, and this can be a condition related to the upper skin (epidermal), lower skin (dermal) or both.

Information about Skin Pigmentation (Hyperpigmentation) Cure:

Hyperpigmentation or skin pigmentation does not have a treatment yet; best one can do is take up a treatment option which eliminate its effect and better appearance. Melsma generated with pregnancy automatically settles after the baby is delivered and so cure is not required.


Melasma Before & Post Treatment with Q Switched Laser

Some Effective Ways to care:

  • Experts suggest people to avoid perfumed cosmetics, oral contraceptives and all such obvious activators.
  • It is always advisable to check your exposure to sun. Use of some reliable UV protection creams or related measures is suggested too.
  • Modes such as laser treatment, dermabrasion or chemical peels under expert observation can help.
  • Cosmetic camouflage and skin lightening agents too are useful in preventing skin from hyperpigmentation, dark spots and freckles.

Role of Skin Lightening and Whitening Creams

Hydroquinone is one of those chemicals which can lessen the functions of cells responsible for pigmentation. Creams containing hydroquinone should best be used after expert consultation because they are known for irritations or overweening skin brightening after prolonged use. Under a process called Ochronosis, this substance Hydroquinone existing in creams can even darken the skin.

Apart from hydroquinone, other ingredients which favorably work in lessening the skin pigmentation are – Kojic acid, Retinoids and vitamin C.

Various treatment methodologies have different impacts on skin pigmentation:

  • Chemical Peels: When excess pigment in epidermis cells becomes the cause of pigmentation, chemical peels can be helpful. Hyperpigmentation can be effectively treated with two types of peels namely – deep phenol and TCA. These being specialized procedures, you need a plastic surgeon to conduct them.

Laser treatment can be used to lessen the cells responsible for pigment while it may also be used to take off the external skin layer. Q-switched laser technique too is a great approach to eliminate skin pigmentation.

  • Cosmetic camouflage, the unique makeup type, when well harmonized with the individual’s skin tone can be greatly beneficial and it does not remove so easily. Your beautician can successfully employ cosmetic camouflage and help you get rid of the pigmentation using a reliable. Once learnt, you may do it yourself.

Household Approaches to Remove Skin Pigmentation /Skin Hyperpigmentation

You can rely upon the natural bleaching qualities of potato which is an outstanding aid to evade spots and eliminate tan. Another handy method is to blend Aloe vera gel and rose water to be applied on the desired areas / spots. The application is to be washed after 10-15 minutes. Recurrent application of this mixture can bring about noteworthy improvement.

So skin pigmentation is not an impossible to handle problem. With a sensible approach, persistence and expert help, you can assuredly do away with it.

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