Best Keloid Scar Treatments

Best keloid scar treatment

A scar occurs when the tissues of the skin are damaged. They can appear to be red or purple and over a period of time become lighter in appearance. Scarring is a part of healing of the wounds on the skin. If the damage extends to the deeper layers of skin a scar will be produced. If the damage is only to the superficial layer of skin, a scar does not occur.

Scars can be of different types such as:-

  • Keloid scars: – these scars extend beyond the site of the injury. It happens due to aggressive process of healing. They can recur after excision.
  • Contracture scars- they result due to burning of skin. They might run deep in to skin and may hamper movement.
  • Hypertrophic scars- these scars are also raised but they stay within the boundary of the injury.
  • Acne scars- scarring due to acne can occur due to severe bouts of acne. They can occur on face, cheeks, back, forehead etc.

Keloid scars can generally result from burns or infected lesions and can mostly form on shoulders, earlobe, cheeks etc.

Scars can be difficult to treat. There are various treatment options available. Prescription creams or ointments are good option for the cuts which are caused by injuries or wounds. Pressure treatments and silicone gel sheets are used for treatment and prevention of scars. Silicone gel, self adhesive polyurethane scar reduction patches, compression earrings etc can be used for the purpose. Medicines like intralesional interferon alfa-2b or 5-fluorouracil are beneficial. Bleomycin and topical retinoids have been used in clinical trials and resulted in improvements.


Keloid Scars on the Foot


Keloid Treatment

Keloid Scar Treatment with CO2 Laser

Intralesional steroid injections have shown improvement in majority of scars. The scars may also be treated with laser. Keloids shrink in size and the redness also reduces. The most effective form of laser is carbon dioxide laser. A new revolutionary laser skin treatment is fractional carbon dioxide laser and is now one of the most popular types of treatment. As ablative lasers like CO2 laser travel deep into the epidermis they were considered to be unsafe for skin with high melanin levels. They were thought to be risky because they were assumed to cause hyper pigmentation in highly pigmented skin. But Dr. Debraj Shome is world renowned to have used this technology on over 4000 patients and there have not been any case of hyper pigmentation in any patient. The fractionated carbon dioxide laser technology gives astonishing results within one to six session and help in production of collagen to even out the surface of the scar.

For scars that run much deeper there are various other surgical procedures which can be used for treatment. For people who have acute burns skin grafting is done where skin from some other part of the body is grafted on the scars. Other procedures may include excision or dermabrasion.

To see the video of a lady with a cheek scar, treated with W-plasty surgical excision by Dr. Debraj Shome, followed by CO2 laser treatment:

Some scars can form ‘pits’ on the surface of the skin. Various filler injections or collagen may be useful for pitted scarring.

Scars and keloid can be prevented. People who are at higher risk or have the history of keloid should keep following things in mind:-

  • Unnecessary cosmetic procedures, piercings on various body parts and tattoos should be avoided.
  • Acne should be treated completely to reduce the chances of formation of lesions and the possibility of scarring.
  • If a lesion does demand surgery, the treatment should include dressings, steroids etc, to reduce the chances of formation of keloid scar.

Scars if treated correctly can be prevented and can be made to heal in a better manner. The treatment procedures may include laser therapy, surgical procedures and medicinal treatment.

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