Liposuction or Face Exercises to Make a Round / Square Face Shape Oval?!

Liposuction or Face Exercises to Make a Round/ Square Face Shape Oval

What is the ideal face shape for women and men? Is there is something that can be done to change the shape of the face or accentuate it? Many people don’t notice the shape of their face while other may have some features in their minds which they do not like.

Some people get compliments about their cute and chubby face. Though the compliments may sound sincere when one is younger, it is difficult to comprehend why a 25 year old would be called cute. Don’t we all love and desire high cheekbones and defined jaw line instead of round full cheeks?

Face Shapes

Different Face Shape Types Human


According to cosmetic surgery, oval face shape is considered to be the ideal face shape. The reason is that all features on an oval face shape are well proportioned and defined. It does not mean that the other face shapes are not ‘ideal’, but surely oval shape has some advantages over others.  Because of proper proportions, people with oval face shape can flaunt any hairstyle.

For those who do not have oval shaped face, the reason for square face shape should be evaluated. The reason could be fat below the facial skin, bone structure or master hypertrophy.

There are various methods that can help in making the face slim. Facial yoga or exercises of the face claim to melt the facial fat. Though yoga is very good for overall exercise of the body, facial yoga suddenly cannot give a slimmer face. Facial liposuction is a good option for ageing patients and younger patients who have fat deposits in the face. However liposuction can cause deformity in an overweight person and it cannot be substituted for weight loss. Liposuction of face is actually referred to as liposculpture. The total fat from the face is not removed. Some fat is required under the skin to maintain the skin elasticity. The most effective areas are the jowls and the under chin area which become droopy as we age. If fat is not causing the square face shape, it could be the masseter muscle which is important for adequate chewing and is laterally located to the jaw bone. An enlarged muscle can impart unwanted cosmetic impacts for many patients.

Masseter Muscle

Masseter (Chewing) Muscle Human Face

To treat this, Botox injections can be used. It is now being used for contouring the face for aesthetic reasons. It is also being used for various cosmetic and medical indications. People with hypertrophy seem to have more round or square shape face. If the width of the face can be attributed partially to masseter muscle, correcting it with treatment can give a more oval face.  Masseter muscle reduction is now becoming very popular in India. Using Botox has advantages over surgical procedures. It can treat the hypertrophy and change the shape of the face without any complications associated with surgery. The surgeon administers Botox into the protruding jaw line. The Botox should be injected upon feeling the muscle and not according to the four or five injection pattern. Botox can also be used to treat and correct the mishaps of a face lift. Submandibular glands can become pronounced in some patients after facelift once the fat is removed. Botox can be very useful in improving the contour of the submandibular region of these patients.

Masseter Hypertrophy

Masseter Hypertrophy as a cause of Square Face

The effect of the Botox can last for up to one year regardless of whether it is given in master, submandibular or parotid region. If the procedure is done more often and regularly, the cosmetic effect can last longer for as long as two to three years.


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