Artificial Prosthetic (False) Eye Fitting Post Enucleation Evisceration Eye Removal Surgery

Artificial Prosthetic (false) Eye Fitting Post Enucleation Evisceration Eye Removal Surgery

We all take good health for granted. We often do not pay much attention to the fact that God has blessed with healthy limbs and organs. For those, who are not as fortunate, life can be difficult. For example, people who have lost their vision living life normally is an arduous task. Though there is nothing worse than having no vision, losing vision in even one eye is bad. Vision in only one eye can impact daily activities such as climbing stairs or assessing the level of water in a cup. If the loss of vision in one eye makes the eye smaller or shrunken, it can give an odd appearance. Other people often express surprise and pity in such cases. Such treatment affects a patient and makes him more conscious of his loss.

But thanks to medical innovations, now a patient does not need to look or feel abnormal. Neither does he need to be treated with pity. Cosmetic Oculoplastic Surgery can be performed and the patient can be given an artificial prosthetic eye which looks and moves like a normal eye. The patient can lead an absolutely normal life. The prosthesis fits and moves just like a real eye and other people cannot even figure out if the eye is real or it is prosthesis.

Blind Eye Ocular Prosthesis

A blind eye is also known as Pthisis bulbi or Atrophic bulbi and it can occur due to an accident, a wrongly performed surgery or an infection. Injury may also occur due to bomb blasts or injury with playing balls, sticks etc. many patients from countries like Iran and Iraq come to India to get eye surgeries which they require due to bomb blasts in their countries. The blind eye can even cause the other healthy eye to lose vision because of an auto immune reactive disease which is known as sympathetic opthalmitis. Therefore, it is the best option to remove the damaged eye by evisceration, Enucleation, eye removal surgery.  The eye is fitted with acrylic ball or a silicone ball implant to compensate for the volume of the eye which is removed.  An after the removal a false custom made eye prosthesis is fitted which looks just like a real eye.

In cases of eye cancer like retinoblastoma and malignant melanoma an Enucleation surgery can be performed. An evisceration eye surgery is performed in the blind eye is large as in an anterior staphyloma which is formed post an eye injury. In this procedure the white portion of the eye is left behind along with the ocular muscles which ensure mobility of ocular prosthesis. An advanced surgical technique known as myoconjunctival Enucleation results in extraordinary mobility of prosthesis. In cases of severe skin cancers and infiltrative eye cancers an exenteration surgery is performed. A prosthesis is also fitted in cases where the tissues surrounding the eyes including the eyelids are removed.

Video of Patient with Artificial Prosthetic Eye:

The video in the blog is of a patient, Ms. Shruti who lost her vision as a result of an accident during a childhood. The accident not only made her lose her vision but made her under confident because of her looks. By the new medical procedures, although the vision cannot be restored the patient can look normal and can be confident about her appearance. She underwent a myoconjunctival Enucleation surgery and was given a silicon ball implantation. She was then fitted with a prosthesis which looks like a real eye.

Nobody but the patient needs to know about the false eye and one can lead an absolutely normal life.


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