Acid Burn (Acid Throwing / Vitriolage) Victims & Their Story

Vitriol-age Victims – The Distress of Suffering Acid Attack

Stories of the victims of acid attack are exceedingly disheartening as others can only feel their distress. The pain of facing a vitriol-age is not only physical but mental as well and along with the victim, the victim’s whole family goes through the misery and suffers the pain. It is beyond imagination how and pretty faces changed to a horrific state may be a reason of joy or satisfaction for those attackers! But the fact is we have seen this recurrently happening and the effects of this throbbing event could not be reversed by any means – even after the sufferer approached most specialized doctors, took world class medication and cosmetic treatment and went for a plastic surgery. The life and face of the victim who has gone through such acid burn changed forever!

What happens after acid attack

According to a lady on whom acid was thrown, the pain is unbearable and it is to an unexplainable limit. The pain is not short-lived and it lasts for many months following the attack. This girl was a meritorious student and therefore, the attack has been proven equally fatal for her career ambitions. Want to know about attackers? No they are not in jail, but are very much free.

Acid Burn VictimAcid Burns Victim

In an acid attack, acid or the chemical substance which usually is in hydrofluoric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, or some other form, is thrown on the targeted person. Obviously, the intensions are cruel as if revengeful or some instance of extreme jealous so as to harm the other individual. This acid is so harsh that it not only burns the skin tissues to destruction, but it can also damage the sufferer’s bones. If face of the victim is attacked, person can even get blind and have to live with burn scars on face and other body parts. It goes without saying that overall influence of all this is manifolds insensitive – badly affecting the person’s social, psychological, financial life and other aspects.

Instances of acid attacks are predominantly occurred in Asian countries including India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Africa, and in various parts of South and East Asia.

It is near to impossible to mention the effect of alkali and acid attacks. In a burn expert’s opinion, tissues get badly ruptured after the attack because the acid is too strong to melt the blood vessels and skin tissues. Worse, the condition is far from recovery and as the dead skin cannot be reconstructed even after plastic surgery, however it may momentarily help.

Victims of acid may suffer from renal failure and septicemia, challenging their entire survival. One of the scariest reality emerging from the number of cases thus far is – women have mostly been attacked everywhere.

What plastic surgeons say!

While it is true that a lot of experienced and skilled plastic surgeons are available in India today, performing plastic surgery or a reconstruction therapy on the burnt face is toughest of all. Even after all the expertise, experience and resourcefulness, nobody can get the victim that original face. Discussions about the law and order and the extent and harshness of sentence of the attackers can go on and on because the law still looks lukewarm on the issue.

However, it can be easily deduced that such a brutal and monstrous act better does not happen. Before deciding to attack someone with acid, the prospective culprit must be afraid of the ruthlessness following that. That is one of the ways the instances of acid attack can be brought down. Also, the criminals having destructed someone’s life should be severely sentenced to set an example.


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